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Yewande's harrowing hostage situation – Itura

20 September 2023
When tyranny meets desperation, Yewande becomes a pawn in Aare Odejinmi's sinister game.
Yewande's harrowing hostage situation – Itura

Kidnapping is a grave crime in itself, but when it's orchestrated by someone holding the most prestigious title in the kingdom, the situation becomes all the more alarming. Yewande, a young girl, found herself in the clutches of Aare Odejinmi, the highest authority in the land.

Yewande's spiritual prowess
Rumors of Yewande's extraordinary spiritual abilities had spread far and wide. As the daughter of the former chief priest, her lineage was steeped in mysticism. However, since the passing of the former Chief Priest, even the current priestess had lost contact with the gods. Yewande's supposed ability to commune with the divine caught the attention of everyone, including Aare Odejinmi.

Yewande's captivity
While others sought Yewande's spiritual guidance through pleas and petitions, Aare Odejinmi chose a different path—one marked by tyranny. He kidnapped Yewande and imprisoned her in his palace, demanding that she communicate with the gods on his behalf. His sinister objective? To unveil the whereabouts of the rebels he was locked in a bitter war against.

Parents' desperate pleas
Yewande's parents, desperate to secure her release, pleaded with Aare Odejinmi. They even enlisted the help of well-wishers to intercede on their behalf. However, the Aare remained resolute in his demand, determined to hold Yewande until she fulfilled his wishes. He believed that Yewande possessed the power to make him king, a claim rooted in a previous revelation.

Watch her father plead with Aare Odejinmi

Yewande's uncertain destiny
As the situation stands, Aare Odejinmi shows no signs of relenting. He remains steadfast in his determination to keep Yewande captive, convinced that she holds the key to his aspirations. Yewande, however, lacks the experience to consult with the gods as demanded by the Aare. The stakes are high, and the young girl's fate hangs in the balance.

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