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Spicy Nene: Betrayal, Revenge And Tears

23 August 2019
Where my people dey? It’s that time to take a look at the plenty palava that happened in the Big Brother Naija House this week.
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My people I hail oh. As usual, the Big Brother Naija Housemates didn’t slack in giving us so many gist bones and as long as our teeth are strong, we will chew as much as we can. No time to waste, oya let’s dig in.

Judas Everywhere

You see this Nomination challenge the teams have to play, whatever the outcome, there is always better tori wey dey sweet my belle

This week, team Cruisetopia lost the challenge and was up for possible Eviction. As is the norm, the Veto Power Holder (this week’s Holder is Elozonam) had to do a Save and Replace. Jejely, bros Saved Venita and Replaced her with Frodd. Hmm, na there matter take start oh.

Immediately they left the Arena, come and see the way Frodd was huffing and puffing 😤 like the big bad wolf. Baba didn’t take it well that he was Replaced (will you blame him, after he survived Eviction last week) hence his rants. He even made as if he wanted to confront Elozonam in the garden but changed his mind. If you ask me, I will tell you that Frodd is planning his revenge and we know that saying – revenge is a dish best served cold. My eyes and ears are open; I will see how this go.

Elozonam’s decision did not only affect Frodd but also his pal, Diane. With the closeness between the two Housemates, it was expected that he will Save Diane but that didn’t happen. Ah, it pained Diane sha but let’s check something before we proceed.

Remember Diane was Veto Power Holder the previous week and she didn’t Save Elozonam but Saved Sir Dee instead. Well I think Elozonam was having his pound of flesh by not Saving his friend. Anyways, the two have talked about it and they claim to have moved on but I no trust this their “everything is fine” conclusion.

We are still on this issue of Judas oh and the next Housemate I will gossip about is Gedoni. Imagine, Venita called Khafi a bitch in the presence of Gedoni and Ike 😱. What did Gedoni do? Nothing oh, no cautioning Venita on her language, not even walking out on the conversation. He still gave her audience and had the nerve to blush on top of it! As if that was not enough aunty Khafi brought food for him and the 'sir' stretched hands to collect it. Now I understand that local saying - that the person behind your misfortune is someone that is very close to you.

Persistent Complain

When dey say person too dey worry, you see that Venita babe, she sabi worry. From one Housemate to the other, Venita has spoken to them about Khafi. What is she looking for? I don’t know and the thing is Khafi has dropped her matter since they had a discussion about it last week. I am sure I wasn’t the only person that wished Kayode 😉 can move the camera elsewhere so I can catch another gist. Well, is not my mouth she is using to talk so I will keep observing.

Time Together

Times without number, Mr Gedoni has talked about how he loves Khafi and wants to be with her and if there’s no Khafi in the House, there will be nobody. Well-spoken sir, but what about the hugs and pecks he was dispensing on Venita? I didn’t say he can’t be friends with her but Khafi has said she wants to spend as much time with him as possible. Isn’t that conflicting with his actions? After all his assurance last week, don’t blame me if I raised my eyebrows at the ‘gum body’ going on between Venita and Gedoni. 

Still, on the matter of spending time, Diane and Elozonam have been spending quite a lot of time together 👀. A new ship😍 has set sail perhaps? But they have been telling other Housemates that there are just friends😒. Hmm na today? I won’t be deceived, I know what my eyes saw and if they start cruising together, it is not a bad thing na, abi what do you think?

Hot Sauce

The Pepper Tacha gave us both in the outfit she put on and the feast she cooked up (the food didn’t enter my mouth but the Housemates complimented her cooking) ehn, everywhere stew. Tacha’s ‘twin’ birthday was on Thursday, same day with Esther’s and to celebrate, she cooked for the Housemates. It didn’t end there as she dressed in a sheer outfit with black undies and no bra. Ahhh, no be small thing, everywhere was so hot that I felt the steam pouring out of my Television.

What about Seyi? The man was just watching the scene unfold. Before I forget, Tacha and Seyi’s friendship is growing oh. I saw the two cooking together and Tacha called Seyi “baby boy” (yes you heard right). Hmm, I hope this their bond no go scatter soon oh.

Tears Of Defeat

Loss is an unpleasant thing and depending on how hurt the person is, it can lead to waterworks😭. That was exactly what I saw when Esther's team (Cruisetopia) lost their Wager this week. In a way, I felt her pain because after putting much work into the Task, they lost and on her birthday!

While Esther shed tears, Lamborghini Mercy took a different approach. As they returned from the Arena, her boo Ike tried to console her but she said, “I need space, I need to breathe.” Ike who understood the mood slowly backed off and told Mercy he loves her. Great move Ike before you buy market you can’t afford.

My take on this issue is that they should prepare harder for their next Wager to avoid all these tears that can fill up a tank.

That’s all for this week oh, Live Eviction Show is tomorrow and I am chilling for the plenty drama that will be displayed after the announcement. Till next time, safe.👋

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