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Our favourite friendships on Africa Magic

30 July 2022
Celebrating some of the unique friendships that have graced our screens.
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They say family is everything (just ask Dom), but oftentimes great friends turn into family. If you have been lucky to find that friend you now call family, it is only right you celebrate them. What better time than International Day of Friendship?

To mark this special occasion, we are beaming the spotlight on some unique and unusual friendships on Africa Magic.

Donatus and Obus – My Flatmates

They are partners in crime and tyranny. These two have built a strong friendship solely based on being bullies to the rest of their flatmates. There is no scheme that Donatus has suggested that Obus hasn’t solidly gotten behind. Be it highhanded or downright dumb, Obus is always there solidly rooting for his friend and chipping in extra points for backup. They might be… scratch that… they are annoying, but one thing you can’t question is their loyalty to each other. Makes you envious of their friendship.

Nengi, Funbi, and Kamsi – Unmarried

Nengi, Funbi, and Kamsi are the true definition of BFFs. These young ladies have been through the thick and thin together. From romantic drama to personal issues, the ladies have been there for each other. When they are not standing firm between a friend and an abusive partner or giving another the urge she needs to walk away from a deadbeat husband they are dressed in their most glamorous outfit to celebrate each other’s small victories. If anyone knows the true value of friendship and the energy required, it is our favourite ladies from Unmarried.

Kaineto and Tank - Dilemma

Even though Tank once worked for Kaineto’s oppressor, he soon switched allegiance to her and guided her on how to manage the family business and put her enemies in a chokehold. Tank soon became more than Kaineto’s right-hand man, but also family. The two have fought several battles side by side, making their bond stronger than ever.

Prosper and Titus – My Flatmates

When you met them for the first time, Prosper and Titus will probably be gearing up to fight each other. Don’t let that fool you. These two are as thick as thieves. They do everything together and when they have a harebrained scheme, best believe they are executing it together enthusiastically.

Ezinne and Tobias - Eve

If there's one thing Ezinne is grateful for in the midst of the constant drama she finds herself in, it is the friendship she shares with Tobias. Over and over, he has proven how resourceful he is and that she can always count on him to come through when push comes to shove. The two have also taken their friendship to a whole new level by becoming romantically involved.

Kamara and Timi - Venge

Kamara and Timi started as good friends. Their work brought them together and made them an inseparable team. It was the bromance we all hoped for, but it wasn't long before their egos, work, and love for the same woman at some point set them on a collision course. Even though they put up a façade of friendship, beneath it all is betrayal and a thirst for revenge. Hopefully, they will rise above their differences and get back to being good friends.

Friendship sure means a lot to characters on Africa Magic and we will always be on the lookout for unique ones to celebrate.