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A recap of unforgettable moments on Africa Magic this August

31 August 2023
We laughed, we cried, and we held our breath as we navigated through chaos, love, and suspense on our favourite shows.
A recap of August 2023

August has undoubtedly been a month of captivating entertainment on Africa Magic! Our shows delivered all the magic - from uproarious chaos to heartrending drama, suspense that left us on the edge of our seats, and the enchantment of love stories that tugged at our heartstrings. In case you missed any of the mesmerizing moments, allow us to take you on a thrilling recap of the highlights.

Covenant: Power plays and unveilings
Alhaja's relentless pursuit to take down the Ijimakindes led to a powerful alliance with Governor Fatimah, forming "Project Malaga." As they united forces to wrest power from the Ijimakindes, secrets were exposed, and vendettas reached new heights. Meanwhile, Talia's discovery of Eziza's involvement in her mother's death marked a pivotal turning point, leading her to make a heart-wrenching decision. The web of relationships untangled further as JK and Millicent finally chose to end their charade of a marriage, paving the way for new beginnings.

Itura: Tragedy and alliances amidst adversity
The Ibaokuta kingdom faced unrelenting challenges, from famine to a burgeoning epidemic. Amid the turmoil, shifting allegiances added complexity to the already tense situation. Prince Obafemi gained a new ally in Omiwunmi, while Prince Sijuade's elusive presence baffled all. In the midst of it all, Adisa's wives called a truce but it was only for a short while.

Flatmates: Love, laughter, and uncertainty
Frank's nine-year engagement to Mimi reached a pivotal juncture as he finally braved the formal introduction to her family. Amidst the inevitable chaos, a pressing question about their wedding plans unveiled Frank's hesitation. The once-promising event was tinged with uncertainty as his words left everyone wondering about the future of their relationship.

The Hidden: Secrets unveiled and bonds tested
Leila's long-buried vendetta against Flo Ade came to light as startling revelations unfolded. The destructive path she pursued turned out to be fueled by a deep-seated resentment towards her mother. Meanwhile, Hauwa's harrowing ordeal under Alhaji Tanko's control ended in her rescue.

The Johnsons: Abulu's restaurant drama
For Abulu, the month was a test of resilience as he fought to protect his restaurant's legacy and survival. Amidst the challenges of a new competitor and a rebellious staff, Abulu barely made it through.

Tinsel: Challenges and celebrations
Brenda faced a legal battle and the aftermath of a devastating fire at her studio, while Freddy's confrontation with Festus added fuel to their ongoing feud. Amidst the turmoil, a bright spot emerged as Shoshanna said 'YES' to Kunle's proposal, promising a wedding that's bound to capture our hearts.

What Will People Say: Love and bizarre challenges
Hawa orchestrated hilarious dating challenges that pushed her show candidates to their limits. From quirky tasks to heartfelt moments, the quest for love took unexpected twists that kept us entertained all month long.

Ripples: Alex is a bad boy
Alex's descent into darkness took center stage this month, as his actions escalated from attempts at murder to deceitful schemes. Meanwhile, Doris fought valiantly to safeguard her company from Talab Abass who was this close to a hostile takeover.

And that's a wrap! August was an unforgettable month of top-tier entertainment on Africa Magic. If you missed any of these gripping moments, fear not - you can stream all the action on the DStv Stream app.