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Feyisitan family triumphs – Indomie Love Bowl

16 November 2023
Amidst a perfect blend of laughter, competition, and heartwarming family moments on the Indomie Love Bowl family game show, the Feyisitan family emerges victorious.
Feyisitan Family Triumphs – Indomie Love Bowl

The excitement was palpable as the Indomie Love Bowl Family Game Show unfolded its latest episode, leaving us absolutely hooked. We're here to spill the deets on all the excitement that went down, especially on how the Feyisitan family emerged as the triumphant champions.

The hosts with the most
Our fantastic hosts, Stephanie Coker and Darasimi Nadi, set the stage on fire with their infectious energy. Stephanie greeted us with a wave that screamed, "Get ready for a good time!" Meanwhile, Darasimi brought the dance moves, proving that this game show is not just about questions and answers – it's a whole vibe!

Meet the families: Chinedu, Feyisitan, and Ajanaku
Three incredible families stepped into the spotlight, each with their unique stories and aspirations. The Chinedu family was all about winning and treating their loved ones to something special. Excitement radiated from the Feyisitan Family, bringing an energetic vibe to the game. As for the Ajanaku Family, they had big dreams – education for the kids and maybe even a new house if they clinched the grand prize!

The game begins
The competition kicked off with the rapid-fire questions round, and guess what? It ended in a tie! To break the suspense, one more question was thrown into the mix, and the Ajanaku family nailed it, securing their victory for the round.

Next up was the 'Mum says the love thing' round – a charade that had us in splits! The Feyisitan Family aced this one, showcasing their communication skills and winning our hearts.

The 'Stack the Eggs' round brought out the competitive spirit, and the Chinedu family emerged victorious. Balloon stacking has never been this thrilling!

In the 'What's in the Box' challenge, mums put their senses to the test, trying to guess what mysterious objects were hidden away. Cue laughter and suspense!

The taste challenge
The final round had the kids guessing which Indomie dish their mum cooked just by tasting it. Talk about a delicious challenge! Drumroll, please... The Feyisitan family clinched the title, winning this episode of the Indomie Family Game Show. Cheers to them!

Watch the highlight

And there you have it – the perfect blend of laughter, competition, and heartwarming family moments – that's exactly what this episode delivered! We can't wait for the next episode, filled with more surprises and, of course, our favorite instant noodles – Indomie!