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Aneyo family takes the crown – Indomie Love Bowl

20 January 2024
It's a standing ovation for the Aneyo Family as they emerge victorious in the season finale of Indomie Love Bowl Family Game Show.
Aneyo family takes the crown – Indomie Love Bowl

The curtains have closed, the confetti has settled, and it's official – the Indomie Love Bowl Family Game Show has wrapped up, leaving us with a season full of memories and one grand winner!

And the Winner Is...
After 13 episodes filled with exciting memories and heartwarming family moments, the Aneyo Family emerged as the grand winner of the Indomie Love Bowl Family Game Show! Let's give them a virtual round of applause for bringing their A-game and capturing our hearts.

Memories that last a lifetime
From thrilling games to touching family connections, each episode of the Indomie Love Bowl was a magical journey. The laughter, the love, and the indomitable spirit of families in action made this season truly unforgettable. 

Congratulations to all our winners!
A big shoutout to the Aneyo Family, Ogunbowale Family, and Nkwocha Family – winners of N5 million, N2.5 million, and N1.5 million, respectively! And let's not forget our other winners who bagged N500,000, N200,000, and cartons of delicious Indomie! 

A heartfelt thank you
To our amazing hosts, Stephanie Coker and Darasimi Nadi, thank you for bringing the energy and keeping the excitement alive every Sunday! And to all you fantastic viewers who tuned in – you're the real MVPs. Your enthusiasm and support made this season a blast!

Until next time...
As we bid farewell to this eventful season, it's not goodbye but see you later. Get ready for more family fun, laughter, and surprises in the next season of the Indomie Love Bowl Family Game Show!