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Hook, Line And Sinkah


Sinkah brothers battle over childhood sweetheart – Hook, Line and Sinkah

31 March 2024
Heartbroken and betrayed, Kenny makes a shocking decision that threatens to tear the Sinkah brothers apart forever.
Sinkah brothers battle over childhood sweetheart – Hook, Line and Sinkah

It was a bittersweet goodbye for our beloved Sinkah brothers, but not before they delivered one last dose of drama! This finale episode explored the complexities of the "bro code" and the chaos of love triangles.

The Bro Code under scrutiny
The age-old question reared its head again: can bros date each other's exes? The Sinkah brothers found themselves tangled in this dilemma when Kenny's childhood crush, Eniola, returned to the neighbourhood. Kenny was smitten all over again, but his nerves betrayed him, leading him to deny his feelings to his brothers.
Further complicating matters, Tricia, their neighbour, confessed her unrequited love for Kenny. Sodiq, ever the observant one, picked up on Kenny's hidden feelings, while Ugo, the more sceptical brother, remained unconvinced.

Broken trust and hearts on the mend
Determined to prove that Eniola wasn't all that special, Ugo made a move on her himself. This backfired spectacularly. Eniola, who had secretly harboured a crush on Ugo for years, fell head over heels for him. Kenny's world shattered as he witnessed his crush fall for his brother.

Watch it all go down

The resulting tension culminated in a heated confrontation between the brothers. Feeling betrayed and heartbroken, Kenny made a drastic decision – he left the house entirely!

Will the Sinkah brothers reunite?
Will this dramatic exit mark the end of the Sinkah brotherhood as we know it? Will Kenny return? We'll just have to wait for the second season of Hook Line and Sinkah to find out. In the meantime, you can catch up on the first season on the DStv Stream app.