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Too good a girl – Halita

04 March 2020
From the moment we witnessed her drama-free village love affair with the equally sweet Dareng, Halita had us in our feels both voluntarily and otherwise; and that's why she occupies this week's WCW pedestal.
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While still basking in Halita storyline euphoria, we couldn’t help but polish up a few accolades and hand them to the ladies that had us exiled in our living rooms and totally glued to our screens. This week, Halita is our ‘it girl’.

Set in the backdrop of inequality and a distorted kind of appreciation for legacy, the story highlighted a ‘monetarily poor’ young woman’s journey into the unfamiliar world of constant pushes and pulls by the rich. Though obviously inferior to her monied counterparts, Halita’s humble spirit set the trail and helped her navigate her way through Matilda’s double-edged scoffing, Afrah’s high-pitched contempt and Ladi’s dislike.

While the future looked somewhat bleak thanks to her mother’s condition, Halita whipped out life’s how-to-book and taught us how patience hardly occupied the virtue pedestal on its own as resilience is a resident too.

We were thrown off a bit when the characters whose walking ground we had come to worship finally revealed their wolf faces and went on shameless hunts -  But our beloved Halita’s oblivion took over and had her replenishing the enemies’ barn by revealing her misplaced suspicions. Needless to say, the evil did prevail and we’re uncertain if our golden girl lived to tell the tale. Oh well, we’re still crushing on her though.   

Halita comfortably sits and dines with the greatest of Africa Magic served content and we can see why. Boasting some of the industry’s most immaculately flavoured talent, the series delivered continuously echoing bangs in more than just a few ways.

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