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Grandpa Knows Best


Grandpa Knows Best heats up Saturday nights

31 January 2024
Comedy icon Papi Luwe makes a triumphant return as Tade in this comedic series that's set to take Africa Magic by storm.
Grandpa Knows Best heats up Saturday nights

Get ready for family feuds, side-splitting laughter, and maybe even a little head-shaking as Africa Magic brings you the brand new dramedy, Grandpa Knows Best. Premiering February 3rd, this show is about to turn up the heat on Saturday nights like never before!

Meet Tade Idejo, the OG of Lagos retirees, cruising the streets like he's on a mission – a mission to relive the glory days of his youth and prove he's still got it. Spoiler alert: He does! Now, Tade's not your average retiree; he's got a reputation as a ladies' man and enough charisma to rival Lagos traffic. This silver fox is living the good life, spending his days (and nights) cruising the streets with his bestie and reminiscing about his glory days. But hold on, Grandpa's got a surprise up his sleeve – he's about to become a daddy again!

The only problem? His son, Segun, is the picture of uptight success. Work first, fun later – that's his motto. So when Grandpa's unexpected news collides with Segun's crumbling marriage, things get interesting.

Enter Naya, a sassy Lagos babe with big dreams and an even bigger eye for the finer things. But let's be real, her "finessing" skills haven't exactly paid off – yet. Until that is, she found her jackpot in Tade, the "wealthy" retiree. Retirement plans never looked this promising!

Grand Pa Knows Best isn't your typical family saga; it's a hilarious dose of cheeky comedy, family shenanigans, and Lagos-style drama to make you spill your tea and make your sides hurt from laughter. Will Tade's antics bring the family closer or create chaos? Tune in to Africa Magic Family every Saturday at 8 pm to find out!