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Uneasy is the boss that bears it all – Eve

20 May 2022
Ezinne is in for quite a stormy season
Eve Ezinne

It has been roughly four months since the departure of Adelomo and Peter from the firm and Ezinne is in desperate need of cash to float the firm after experiencing a financial mess resulting from a badly handled lawsuit.

Peter’s departure hit her hard and the fact that he was going to join Adelomo made it even worse. Her first task was to buy out Peter’s share of the company which he wasn’t ready to let go of without a fight. She eventually did and it was no easy battle.

Chasing clients

Peter and Adelomo’s departures resulted in clients beginning to lose faith in Ezinne’s ability to manage the company and their portfolios all by herself. One by one they each started to leave and it was up to Ezinne to convince them why they needed to stay. From unusual tests to complicated negotiations, each client tried to see how well Ezinne could handle the burden of managing their portfolios all by herself and she ended up acing each one, but the victory didn’t come easy. In some cases, she had to concede to manage a lesser portfolio. Despite this, some clients are still shaky about their commitment to her firm. It’s going to take a whole lot more for her to convince them.

Budding Romance

With her husband abroad for a writing fellowship, the emotional gap between them gets wider and Ezinne started a clandestine affair with Tobias who had become of tremendous help to her in the battle to salvage her company. Their frequent interactions and the absence of her husband resulted in a heated and passionate night late in the office. This complicates things for her marriage.

Ezinne’s troubles seem far from over. It seems like when one ends, another rears its head. With a big lawsuit hanging over her head, troubled clients, and an extramarital relationship, Ezinne is in for quite a stormy season. How she intends to fight all these battles remains a mystery. A mystery we intend to find out on Eve every Monday night at 21:00 on AM Showcase.