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Judgment day finale – Eve

05 September 2022
Season four ends with an epic judgement.
Eve Judgement

Amidst sabotage, high-profile cases, and blackmail, Eve illuminated the workings of the law, human relationships, and how situations could almost spiral out of control. From Adelomo's relationship with his estranged dad to Ezinne's attempts to save her firm and her complicated love life, Peter's extramarital affair, and Mekhi trying to steer the Centrico ship while surrounded by sharks, Eve Season four was as intriguing as it gets.

The court ruling

The court case battle over the collapsed building that killed some innocent pupils waged on till the final minute. The most surprising twist was Mr. Ogunjimi who lost his children in the building and also part of the class action suit was partly culpable. According to him, the funds for the building project ran out and they had to compromise here and there to make a profit. This set things in motion for Ezinne’s to get a favourable ruling and save her client from going to jail.

Mekhi beats the odds.

For a while now Mekhi had suspected that there were saboteurs in the Centrico board and she wasn’t wrong. Apata and Harris were the culprits. At first, it seemed like Apata and Harris were going to get one over Mekhi when they handed her over to the police with Apata insisting that she didn’t know how to play the game. It turned out she was a master at it and the whole fake arrest was a rouse to flush out the saboteurs.

Peter’s happy ending

It was a close one for Peter, considering his extramarital affair with Dinma and the court case battle with his sister, Ezinne. His mum was already worried that the case kept him preoccupied with no time for his family and it didn’t help that his clients were breathing down his neck. While this went on, he was almost saddled with another man’s child as a result of his affair. The future wasn’t looking too bright for Peter.

Fortunately for him, fate smiled at him. He was able to break free from the extramarital relationship and even though he lost the case, he was able to mend fences with his sister. To top it all off, his wife gave birth to his own true bundle of joy.

Ezinne’s dilemma

Besides Ezinne's battle to save her firm, there was much more on her plate, including juggling her marriage and her secret love affair. With her husband overseas and denying her of much-needed attention and support, Ezinne soon found comfort and pleasure in the arms of Tobias. For a moment, it seemed like a one-time passionate night but it became regular and feelings grew. They were able to keep this affair under wraps save and would have gotten away with it if Tobias didn’t confront   Ezinne about being pregnant and if it was for him just right at the moment her husband walked in. What a way to end the season!

Watch the highlights here

It’s a wrap for Eve but you can watch it all over again or the parts you missed simply by streaming on Showmax. Click here.