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Why Kemi called off her and Momoh’s engagement – Eve

10 August 2021
Here are some reasons why Kemi walked away from her relationship with Momoh
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Kemi and Ajoke had been at war with each other thanks to their shared history with Momoh. After Ajoke drove the SAN away and held him in contempt for having an affair with his then co-captain, Kemi, the two exes left town to mourn their son’s untimely passing. As soon as Momoh made his way back, however, he and Kemi decided to let bygones be just that and reinitiated their relationship. This came at a time when Momoh’s interests were no longer just running a successful law firm, but to run for the highest office in the state. While the Mrs. Momoh-to-be was willing to walk the talk with her man at first, things changed. Here are possible reasons why. 

Deadly dealings

Despite their differences, Ezinne approached Kemi with very damning allegations about her fiancé’s campaign funders. She believed that Fura Foods and its affiliate companies were forcefully acquiring smaller companies within their radius and had eliminated owners who refused to sell. While Kemi seemed uninterested at first, her curiosity led her to some very pricey information – the kind that would completely ruin Momoh’s fund structure. Kemi may have decided that Momoh’s hands aren’t necessarily clean, and she won’t walk into ‘forever’ with a man with such affiliations.

The Ajoke issue

Ajoke’s sister has been pushing the narrative of her and Momoh’s reunion for quite a bit now and went as far as staging tabloid drama just to push the two exes back together – and because Kemi is as intelligent as she appears, she saw right through Ajoke. So, the act of calling off the engagement could have possibly been fueled by her dislike for unnecessary competition. If Ajoke wants Momoh, Kemi is voluntarily handing him to her on a silver platter.

Love here today, gone tomorrow

This may seem pretty farfetched given their lengthy and complicated history, but Kemi’s love for power isn’t to be underestimated. When Momoh ran things and depended on only himself, his decision demonstrated independence and boldness, and that was possibly why Kemi saw herself hanging on. Now, however, Momoh’s entire political career reeks ‘dependence'. When Kemi threw questions about Fura Foods being Momoh's principal campaign sponsors, the SAN gave a very vague response and displayed unattractive oblivion; a kind that women like Kemi can’t stand.

Whatever the reason, Kemi thought long and hard about her decision and knowing her, very little can convince her to take it back.

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