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Three things happening on Eve right now!

15 July 2021
Here are the top three storylines that have our jaws sweeping the floor.
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Chaos has been the order of the day for the Ezenwas, the Momohs and the Adelomos lately. If they aren’t trying to salvage the remains of the bridges they burnt, they’re chasing documents with proof that may acquit their clients. From under-the-table political ties to assassination calls, this is what’s been going down on Eve.

Kemi vs. Ajoke (The first lady chronicles)

Yes, Kola’s death hit Momoh and Ajoke’s marriage out the pitch, into the pond and out of sight, but Momoh’s cheating on Ajoke with Kemi was definitely the final blow, and now that life happened and Momoh chose cheese over chalk while enjoying the well-ripened fruit of his thriving political career, Ajoke’s sister, who hated Momoh with insurmountable passion and blamed him for Kola’s death, reckons it’s in ‘their’ best interest for Ajoke to use their shared grief to get back into Momoh’s good books. She’s even cooking up media scandals that suggest the Momohs are an item again. Chai!

On the other hand, Kemi has made it crystal clear that she prefers that Momoh avoids walking on thin ice by putting his ex-wife in her place and making sure she stays there. While Momoh is clearly head over heels for Kemi, his donors and political allies want Ajoke to play first lady. Both women possess fierce confidence and this whole thing will indeed end in tears.

Wanted: Ezinne’s head

Ezinne has never received merit awards in celebration of her ability to turn a blind eye on a suspicious case because she simply can’t! With Tobias’ help, she was able to piece a puzzle that when complete, may incriminate Banjo and his ICO and Fura Foods accomplices; men that forcefully acquired unaffiliated business that would serve their criminal purposes. During these discoveries, Ezinne realised Yassin’s death was no accident, but an eventuality connected to it all. This, of course, fueled her interest in the case.

Her probing is causing so much discomfort, a table meeting between the above-mentioned shrewd businessmen was held in her honour and the popular vote was that she be killed, immediately. From receiving random notes with encrypted messages written on them to being tailed by a strange man in a black suit, Ezinne’s days seem to be numbered.

Ugo eazi, a broken man

If having no sense of direction was a sport, Ugo would do as well as he did during his football glory days in London. After managing to climb out of his emotional gutters post-Sylvia and scoring a sports commentator job, huge boulders rolled down what was left of the hill he was climbing and took him down with them. There he was, depressed and humiliated that the very same siblings he had helped feed and educate were now doing well for themselves and merely offering him handouts.

Though the therapy sessions have helped him express himself, his most recent one sounded like a permanent goodbye. Ugo is in a bad place, and it wouldn’t be a shock if he slid into a darkness that no one will be able to get him out of. Ugo is a broken man!

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