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Round 1: Kemi vs. Ajoke ­– Eve

31 May 2021
Does Ajoke still have Mommoh’s heart, or has Kemi won him over for good?
ordale Elevens

As you may remember, Ajoke decided to bottle the bygones and be gone as soon as she found out that her husband SAN Mommoh and Kemi had an affair over a decade ago. Mind you, this happened during their mourning phase (remember their son Koli?). In not so many words, Ajoke blamed her husband for their son’s premature death and as soon as Koli’s flesh was returned to the earth, Ajoke left and never looked back.

Here’s what happened after

There was an obvious wedge between Kemi and her then senior, Mommoh after the funeral proceedings. Ajoke had thrown a tantrum and cussed Kemi out as everyone gathered to pay their respects, and to Kemi, this was a blow she’d never recover from. But, a few months down the line, when Mommoh decided to follow the wind that led him back home (remember how he left), he and Kemi reconciled and decided to give their ‘relationship’ a fair chance. Mommoh was no longer married so he went on one knee, and Kemi said ‘yes’ and let go of her very persistent lover, AGM.

Mommoh and Ajoke’s return

Things were finally looking up for the two legal powerhouses, but then, Ajoke also followed the wind that led her home; the home she once shared with her now ex, Mommoh. Their first meeting was an emotional one as they looked back at moments shared with Koli and talked about the best way to preserve his memory. There was an embrace after – one that demonstrated just how much the two had shared over the years. A possible reconciliation, maybe?

Remember though, Kemi and Mommoh are now an item and the whole town knows about it. There’s no way he’ll risk tarnishing his good name in politics by playing house on both sides. But during their discussion about hosting a gala for up-and-coming chefs in Koli’s memory, Ajoke made mention that she missed Mommoh. How though? As her husband? As a co-parent? Their marriage? Just the memories, or all of it?

Our take 

Ajoke may appear emotionally distressed and in need of familiar company, but that may not be all. We think she lowkey feels that letting Kemi have her ex means a total loss on her end, and she won’t take it. As smart a woman as she is, coming right out and telling Mommoh that she wants to reconcile will look far too desperate, so the best thing to do is play on his emotions by planting seeds long dug out, and make him see life with her more clearly than the image he had painted of himself and Kemi. On the other hand, Kemi isn’t dumb either. She’ll probably catch on soon and roll up her own sleeves to fight for her man. It’ll be a bloody war and the blows may even hurt Mommoh’s political standing. All three have much to lose!

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