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How Hector cheated death – Eve 

11 June 2021
We look at the repercussion of Hector’s return and where this places Adelomo and Toyole. 
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Adelomo’s problems fancied a big diet and got fattened by his sister’s decision to whack Hector into unconsciousness after he kept making insinuations about Adelomo’s involvement in Angela’s (remember her?) death. As soon as Hector slumped, Toyole called her brother to see to the mess, but both had another thing coming because Hector hadn’t given up, at least not yet. 

As you may remember, after letting the siblings run their mouths about the circumstances surrounding Angela’s death and hearing Toyole’s comments about fearing prison, Hector snapped out of his episode and pinned Adelomo to the floor. Unable to let his brother take the fall, Toyole grabbed a bookmark and pierced Hector’s side, freeing Adelomo from his grasp, but causing another issue because as it seemed, Hector was surely dead. 

Now, after Adelomo ordered Toyole to drive the body to a secluded area and abandon the car, she heard a banging noise coming from the trunk and as she tried to look, Hector delivered a hit and escaped. An occurrence that would result in mass panic if she didn’t claim victory. 

Well, this victory was clearly short-lived because while he addressed the press about a case their firm successfully threw out the window recently, Adelomo looked up to see a ‘very alive’ Hector playing ghost under his pink hoodie. Mind you, Adelomo had long forgotten about Hector and never fathomed the possibility of his return from the dead, so this was quite something!  

The red tape

Remember, Adelomo is now senior partner and as such has his face strewn all over the media - making fending Hector off an almost impossible task. Not to mention Toyole’s lack of balance that may lure Hector even deeper in. The games are surely about to begin for the Adelomos. Hector cheated death!  

Watch how Hector the ghost spooks Adelomo off-balance, risking his career and has Toyole running the street and searching for drugs on Eve every weeknight at 21:00 on AM Showcase to see how this plays out.