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Three major things happening on Enakhe

18 August 2021
Here are three storylines on Enakhe that had our jaws sweeping the floor.
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The dust almost completely settled when Enakhe and Jacinta took to their makeshift table and forged a temporary truce over Jonas’s untimely death and Ivie’s theory about Enakhe’s direct involvement. Assin, both parties seemed aware of the repercussions of hasty decisions and unnecessary bloodshed; this because of the obvious: Jacinta and Cali’s union. However, larger clouds of Benin dust lifted when Jacinta decided to throw the truce out the window and come for Enakhe’s head. E no be simple at all!

Here are three very significant things happening on Enakhe right now.

Jacinta knocked on death’s door and was let in

After a not-so-voluntary conversation with Ivie, Jacinta picked up her gun and aimed at an unexpecting Enakhe. While she tried to calm the situation down with promises of a more permanent truce, Orobo walked in and shot Jacinta in Enakhe’s defence.

This obviously doesn’t look good because Cali knows that Enakhe killed Jonas and he wouldn’t think twice about pinning his wife’s death on her. So, Enakhe and Onanefe took the decision to keep Cali in the dark while Jacinta fights for her life in intensive care. It's such a pity that she lost the battle.  

Orobo is a mole

This one shock us pass, sha! Assin, na the same Orobo who fit protect her madam with her life that’s playing devil’s advocate to one of the Iwinosas’ worst enemies. During her brief meeting with her “real” boss, Orobo promised to keep their “plans” afloat, and even commended herself for having sown division amongst the two families by shooting Jacinta. To add a disgustingly ripe cherry on top of this murderous cake, Mr Emeka will be brought back into the picture. Chai!

Enakhe is pregnant

Remember Ivie’s little theory about Enakhe having killed Jonas because she found out that Ivie and Jonas had an affair and were expecting a baby? Well, it turns out that Enakhe is the one carrying an Osagie heir. Remember their little reunion?. Basically, the godmother of Benin’s most illicit table is carrying her late ex’s baby who happens to have been killed by her after finding out that he plotted to kill her entire family. This one burst our heads finish!

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