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The adventures of GM the Menace­ – Enakhe

31 May 2021
We delve into the chaos GM’s involvement with The Table has caused.
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Since discovering that Epa’s business operations were anything but moral, Enakhe took it upon herself to dismantle the evil and bring down everyone involved, including the table her father so boldly headed. In so doing, she go carry GM and bring am for table, a mistake that almost cost her everything, including her life. Here’s how the madwoman that roamed the streets of Benin has turned the table into more of a circus than it already was.

Butting heads

If you remember correctly, Epa’s death caused a lot of chaos and had members questioning their collective loyalty. The game was lowkey renamed and dubbed ambition, seeing each member family trying to plot their way towards total control of Benin’s most illicit organization, but as soon as GM came into the picture, she interfered with the ambition and assumed leadership, pronto! Now, this obviously rekindled the animosity that existed between long-term members and unofficially pronounced them enemies.

A broken system

To enable the free movement of their merchandise, the founding members fostered ties with high-ranking state officials and have had them in their payroll since back when the table was a mere idea. GM’s emergence, however, left these agreements in the air and broke some very important ties. The result? Invaded farmyards, imprisoned foot soldiers and trashed warehouses amongst other things. A totally broken system.

A penetrable system

There are enough members contending for the position of Godfather/mother to start a civil war within the borders of Benin, and that includes scorned Stone and his ally, Osaze. Just a few blinks after Enakhe put a bullet through GM’s chest, Stone summoned Archie and tried to forge ties with him, and in addition to that, the same Osaze approached Jacinta and tried to get the Osagie’s on his side; that is, vote him as GM’s replacement. Now, this obviously deepens the cracks in the walls of the deeply troubled table society and allows people like the newly appointed police commissioner to take advantage.

While it isn’t all blood and doom thanks to the Iwinosas and Osagie’s solid bond, there are enemies that lurk just outside of Benin that are ready to pounce at any time. GM’s presence literally turned the city upside down and we can only wonder what her allies will do now that she’s been erased.

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