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Meet the cast of Enakhé

22 September 2020
Meet the cast members of Africa Magic’s newest dramatic serving, Enakhé
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About the show

Set in the backdrop of the beautifully contrasting Edo State, where the ‘haves’ are often more desperate than the ‘have nots’ and the ‘have nots’ are more honourable than the ‘haves’, Enakhé relays the story of a ‘baby girl for life’ turned heiress to her father’s ill-built empire and how she must come out of the cocoon she’s lived in for much too long and realise that in society, power and honour are never freely handed to a woman; she must seize them. While the story is the golden apple, the following characters are the basket that house it ever so beautifully.

Alex Usifo as Osasere ‘Epa’ Iwinosa

Patriarch of the Iwinosa clan, a ruthless businessman, saviour to his friends and considered a friend by his enemies; Epa is hard-hearted and vile - only soft and considerate to things concerning his daughter, Enakhé and rebellious son, Cali. He sits at the head of the round table where Benin City’s most lethal criminals dine and will stop at nothing until his coffers run over.

Ivie Okujaye as Enakhe Iwinosa

Only child of Latifah and Epa, engaged to Archie and enthralled by Jonas, Enakhé is as sharp as sharp thorns come, confident in a way most men think is lethal and a hopeless romantic at heart. Sheltered since birth, she spent a great part of her young life studying overseas in preparation for the grand takeover of her father’s empire. It is, therefore, the discoveries she makes about her father’s dark dealings that change her life and outlook... for good.

Philip Asaya as Cali Iwinosa

Only child of Ejiri, Epa’s first wife, Philip is loud, aggressive and distastefully myopic. His hunger for unearned respect is as obvious as grass in daylight and will stop at absolutely nothing until someone refers to him as ‘oga’. On the softer side though, Philip is still madly in love with his childhood sweetheart, Tamtam and this may be a good thing for his dark heart.

Eunice Omoregie as Ejiri Iwinosa

There’s something about being a ruthless man’s wife that makes a woman maintain her poise and shelter her goodness and untainted nobility. Ejiri is Epa’s scorned first wife whose dignity was stripped away when she was exchanged for Latifah, Epa’s younger trophy wife. She does, however, still walk with her head held high because she mothers Cali, the sole heir the Iwinosa throne.

Benjamin Olaye Jnr as Archie Umweni

Archie is Enakhé’s narcissistic, entitled and condescending fiancé, and while that ‘title’ is of honour, he holds a completely different one when it comes to his often very disappointed father. Present president of the ‘Men Are Scum Club, Benin chapter’ and a cat with nine lives, Archie is only pleasing to the eye.

While the story revolves around the above-mentioned characters, there’s are others that make the story a wholesome one; Jonas, Enakhé’s love interest (a better man than Archie if you ask us), Jacinta, Jona’s tough-as-nails sister and Efosa, Epa’s opportunistic younger brother amongst others. So prepare those drama reciprocals and tune into the Enakhé premiere on September 28th, on DStv CH 151 AM Showcase.

Enakhé is coming!

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