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Five reasons why Onanefe is the ultimate bae – Enakhe

28 September 2021
Here are five solid reasons why Onanefe is the chief of all baes.

If we were to task you with using your left hand to count all of Enakhe’s love interests, Onanefe wouldn’t be the first on the list. In fact, bros’ name would come up after an “Oh, I forgot to mention...” because his place in the godmother’s heart has pretty much been the house built on a sandy shore. Foundation ke?

Despite being dealt the “I need you but I’m not in love with you” card more times than we can count, Onanefe has proven his loyalty and would go to the ends of Benin to cater to Enakhe’s every need. Here are five reasons why he deserves the ‘Not the boyfriend but acts like a husband’ award.

He fought the spirits for Enakhe’s sake

When Ejiro’s spirit was forced to locate the Ire Akugbe, Enakhe and Onanefe were caught in the spiritual crossfire. Ejiro was unable to fully communicate with Onanefe because she was no longer autonomous, but Onanefe was at the right place and at the right time. Besides the hard knock to the nape, Enakhe was afforded as one-way ticket back to the living with no chances of returning to death station... At least not yet.

He remained in love, though always kept at arm’s length

For someone who’d canoe across the ocean for Enakhe, Onanefe is given very little access to the madam’s chamber of secrets. Like this one time when Enakhe decided to play nice with Archie just so he could lead her to where GM was hiding – and Onanefe grabbed the thornier end of the stick. Basically, Archie had been invited over to the Iwinosa mansion for a chat and while saying their goodbyes, Enakhe planted a peck on Archie’s cheek, this is in Onanefe’s full view. When bros got mad and asked the godmother what gave between her and her ex, she brushed him off with an “It’s none of your business” and sealed it with an “I don’t owe you any explanations.” Ouch much? But did bros catch the hint and then a hike? Nay!

He forgave Enakhe’s little ‘oopsie’ with Jonas

Once again, Onanefe dove right into a pool of shame when he found out that Enakhe had been intimate with Jonas. This when just days before that, he’d sheepishly begged her to make him her man, and not one of her foot soldiers. The discovery was an accidental one, but the blow was well-placed. Cali was demanding to know if Enakhe had called the hit on Jonas, and she used the fact that they’d been intimate just nights before, as defence. Onanefe caught the tail of the conversation and was never the same. What did bros do? He forgave and loved even harder. Chai!    

He took a bullet for Enakhe

Enakhe and her men were caught in a crossfire with Jonas and his hired hands. While her group sought to merely slow the other side down, Jonas craved a kill, and it was Enakhe’s head he wanted. So when one of his men had his gun perfectly aimed at Enakhe who had her back to him, Onanefe took a dive and absorbed the hit – stretching Enakhe’s life a little further, again.

He’s willing to fight Jonas’ spirit for her

The Jacinta mess had taken a toll on Enakhe and Onanefe was there to help her retain balance and remain sane. Bros even lied to his cousin, Cali just to protect his bae, but took a knock harder than dealing with the bullet wound when he found out that the babe was pregnant, and Jonas was the father. While many men would have up and left, Onanefe poured his out and told Enakhe how much he hated having to compete for her heart. Despite the pregnancy, Onanefe expressed a willingness to stand by her and render support. What? How? Why, sha?!

Onanefe clearly won’t give up on Enakhe, but we hope he’s at least given the appreciation due to him because none of the men in Enakhe’s life would have done what he has.

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