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Filling Epa’s shoes – Enakhé

11 December 2020
Thanks to Enakhe’s decision to take Epa’s seat in the company, the family’s legitimate estate remains protected.
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After Epa’s death, Stone and his secret allies thought it would be easy to loot and assume ownership of Epa’s vast estate. This plan was made obvious when he, without regret or remorse, confessed to having contracted a gunman to put Epa down. However, none of them (not even Latifah) thought Enakhe would pose a threat to their illicit plan. At least not this much. Here’s how she’s doing it:

Assuming leadership

While everyone thought that Enakhé would use her lack of experience as an excuse to turn down the leadership position in Epa’s company, she decided that the best way to protect her father’s interests and remedy the attempted final will and testament scheme was to take the ropes and lead. This obviously threw Stone, the Osagies (Mrs Osagie to be precise) and Epa’s other enemies off and posed a threat to their joint black market ventures.

Out with Archie!

Go figure, right? Yup! Archie’s intentions weren’t the purest and judging by his narcissistic behaviour, all he wanted was to marry into the Iwinosa clan and have some kind of hold on the estate. The absence of his father’s respect and approval has made him very hungry for status. Enakhe’s decision to abort the mission and discard the relationship was equivalent to tearing, burning and trashing his lottery ticket.

Stone aside!

Of all the scavengers surrounding Epa’s defenceless feed, Stone is definitely the worst. As mentioned before, he did try to have Epa gunned down and bluntly told Latifah that it was for her sake (Epa stole her from him, apparently. But this is a story for another day!). Enakhé’s decision to remove him from the company meant he’d be far away from control. A move that obviously earned her both respect and new enemies. Stone’s “elimination” was the classic Sicilian defence.

Unlikely alliances   

In hindsight, Enakhé and Jonas’ romantic “alliance” had been brewing for a while, even during Enakhé’s entanglement with Archie. One of the things that made their union almost impossible was Mrs Osagie’s belief that her husband, Jonas’ father’s death was the Iwinosas’ doing. Now that they’ve decided to give their love a shot, however, the Osagie’s may decide to back down and withdraw from seeking vengeance, and the rest of the table occupants will think twice before gunning for the Iwinosas.

While Enakhe has been able to shoo away some of her family’s enemies and guarantee some sort of stability, Cali may rub people off the wrong way, and that may mean new enemies. Tune in to Enakhé every weeknight at 20:30 on DStv CH 151 AM Showcase and see how far she’s willing to go to protect her own.