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Everything that’s happened on Riona and Enakhé so far

24 November 2020
We take it back a notch and dissect what was, and what is on Riona and Enakhé
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We know that just like us, you and yours are completely submerged in the drama served hot on both Riona and Enakhé. From betrayal to bloodshed, it just doesn’t stop. Settle down and prepare for us to bust your brain with how it started and how it’s going on both shows. Go on, indulge!


How it started

All was well, and harmony was the order of the day back in King Ofotokun’s courtyard. The maidens served with pride, the warriors remained ever-ready with their polished spears and daggers - and the low borns lived comfortably under oppression. This until news of the prophecy of the dark moon consumed the kingdom like wildfire.

According to the prophecy, King Ofotokun would be dethroned and his bloodshed by a male child to be born on the day of the dark moon. With this news wrapped so tightly around his ego that his greed oozed out, the king summoned his leading warrior men, Atse and Amaju and waged war against his own people; killing every single infant born on the day – and slaying every one of the kingdom’s expectant mothers.

How it’s going

King Ofotokun’s refusal to take counsel from his wives and his dismissal of the Chiefs’ advice regarding the bloodshed continues to lead him down a dark and lonely path. Upon falling ill and being told that there’s absolutely nothing in, above or below the kingdom that can free him from the gods’ curse, he once again summoned his warriors to look for the walking ‘god’ of the forest, the Atigbi. Needless to say, the Atigbi was found but with her powers, she made the warriors bow down to her and wiped away their memory, deeming the king’s witch hunt futile.

As things stand, the palace is torn against itself. The king sentenced one of the kingdom’s finest chiefs, Ofor after he reminded him that the gods would avenge the people; Queen Mofe refuses to share her glory with the other wives (not even with Queen Mother Idolor); Queen Arioma is plotting to have Queen Abieyuma poisoned (this after finding out that she’s with child) and the king has permitted the Atigbi to take the life of one of his closest subjects (their identity is yet to be revealed) in exchange for his health. Basically, hell hath no fury than a king thirsty to retain power!


How it started

Epa’s leadership brought a lot of enemies with it, and since inception, it was made visible that though the Iwinosas were respected for their high rank amongst the ‘committee of friends’, they were also being targeted.
Though his son and town rider, Cali managed to sweep his father’s enemies off the streets and make anyone who went against the Iwinosas pay, the real enemy remained lurking close by. Needless to say, Epa was murdered in cold blood and the toggle war regarding his final will and testament ensued.

Epa’s wife Latifah and Stone, her former lover (and Epa’s close ally) decided that it would be beneficial for the both of them if the lawyer’s arm was twisted and the will be amended to favour their interests. That is, Epa’s first wife and Cali’s mother, Ejiri would have no claim to Epa’s estate. This plan clearly had no shape or form though because Chief Ignatius, patriarch of the Umweni family and close friend to Epa made sure that the correct will was delivered for the official reading and consequential allocation.

How it’s going

While all the drama surrounding her father’s death unfolded, Enakhé was completely oblivious of the criminal element of it all and it wasn’t until she was handed the reigns to her father’s main commercial operations (linked to the round table) that she finally realised just how illicit all of their wealth really is. To remedy this, Enakhé gave Stone the boot and cut all his ties to the company she now runs. 

On the other hand, Margaret Osagie, who still believes that the Iwinosas are responsible for her husband’s death is slowly hatching plans of her own - Plans to have Jonas take Epa’s seat at the table; and Latifah and Stone are finally showing their true colours. So much so that Stone confessed to having paid a gunman to eliminate Epa long before his premature death. Basically, no one can be trusted. Absolutely no one.

The drama continues to unfold both in the precolonial kingdom of Jekri and present-day Benin city, so make sure you reserved the 8-9 pm spot for yours and our favs, Riona and Enakhé every weeknight on DStv CH 151.