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A brand-new Benz for Lambo – Mercy What Next

06 December 2021
New car, new deal; life is good for our girl Lambo.

Make way Naija, Mercy is about to paint the city red with this shiny wonder on wheels! When Mercy said she wanted to “relax and be taken care of”, she meant every word. Her new boo understood the assignment loud and clear and got her a brand-new red Mercedes Benz.

Now, we already know what you are thinking: "She's got so many sleek cars. Why does she need another?" Well, you're not the only one with this line of thought. Her sister also shared similar sentiments too in the most recent episode of Mercy What Next. She wasn't exactly thrilled about the gift, especially since there were other pressing financial concerns.

But what was Mercy supposed to do? Turn it down? Have you seen those wheels?

Just look at the shape of that body (The car; we’re talking about the car!). There is no way you are turning down this beauty.

You know what? Take our poll and tell us what you would do.

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Reject or nah?

Would you turn down a Benz gift for cash instead?

Hell nah5%
Yea, cash rules everything95%
Doubt if anyone will gift me a Benz1%

However, we understand the concerns. What about rainy days? How about her other businesses? Wouldn't it have been better if the car was converted into a monetary gift and used to fund those businesses and provide coverage for rainy days?

These concerns are quite valid, but Mercy is already cruising to greater achievements, so there’s really no reason to worry about her keeping the car gift instead of converting it to cash for other financial obligations. Mercy Lambo is set for life!

Besides, with the recent renewal of her ambassadorial contract and other major deals, if she doesn’t get a sleek automobile gift, she can certainly buy (another) one for herself. Heads up: she also has her eyes set on a new house for her next birthday. Must be nice!

Our girl is not called Mercy Lambo for nothing. She's been making money moves and living her best life before she hit the limelight – and from the looks of things, she will continue to do so. 

All we can do now, is watch her with fascination and say, "God when?"

Catch up on the episode here

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