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New shows set to launch on Africa Magic Indigenous channels

20 February 2024
Catch Buri, Ebighi Ebi, Iji Ade, and Mai Shayi on Africa Magic Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa.
New shows set to launch

At Africa Magic, we strive to provide you with the best African entertainment, even in your local language! From February to March, enjoy back-to-back premieres of new indigenous series on Africa Magic Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.

Buri on Africa Magic Hausa

Follow wealthy businessman Abu Mansur on his journey to remembering his true identity as he suddenly awakens with retrograde amnesia. As he attempts to navigate tricky waters and his unexpected new reality, he unravels hidden secrets, encounters imminent dangers, and discovers that he has enemies amongst his family and close associates.  Watch the thrilling drama series premiere on 23 February at 19:30 WAT on Africa Magic Hausa Ch. 156.

Ebighi Ebi on Africa Magic Igbo

Launching 2 March exclusively on Africa Magic Igbo Ch. 159, the romantic drama series Ebighi Ebi focuses on Obinna and Ogechi's love story. While under pressure from her family to bring a suitor home, Ogechi keeps having recurrent dreams featuring a particular man's face. One day, she runs into him, and like deja vu, Ugonna and Ogechi are spellbound upon meeting each other. However, once their love affair starts, they experience a rollercoaster of emotions, opposition from Ogechi's parents, and obstacles that eventually lead them to discover the hidden mystery threatening their love. 

Iji Ade on Africa Magic Yoruba

On Africa Magic Yoruba's Iji Ade, Ademide, a newly installed regent, is tasked with battling schemes, scandals, and betrayals while ensuring a smooth transition for the eventual King amidst the politics in Gbaremu Kingdom. Watch the first episode of Iji Ade on 4 March on AM Yoruba Ch. 157.

Mai Shayi on Africa Magic Hausa

Marvel at Northern Nigeria's rich and diverse tapestry and get an exclusive peek into the lives of your favourite Northern Nigerian celebrities on Mai Shayi: Sipping the North, a captivating talk show that aims to create a platform for open, informative, and engaging conversations while celebrating the essence of Northern Nigerian lifestyle, culture, and of course, tea. 

The show, which airs on 8 March on Africa Magic Hausa Ch. 156, will feature a stunning dinner setting where the hosts and guests will indulge in the finest teas from the region while discussing various topics that resonate with the people of Northern Nigeria. 

Don't miss the premieres of these shows! Catch Buri starting on 23 February on Africa Magic Hausa at 19:30 WAT, Ebighi Ebi on 2 March on Africa Magic Igbo at 20:00 WAT, Iji Ade on 4 March on Africa Magic Yoruba at 18:00 WAT, and Mai Shayi on 8 March on Africa Magic Hausa at 20:00 WAT.

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