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The Gambo family's vengeful plot – Dust

30 June 2024
Wedding bells turn into death knells as the Gambo family crashes the Doherty celebration in a shocking act of revenge.
The Gambo family's vengeful plot – Dust

While Hajiya Malaika Doherty revelled in her newfound position as head of the Four Families, the Gambo family was busy plotting their revenge. Hassan Gambo, the family head, along with his son Muri and wife, executed their plan with chilling precision at the wedding of Marcus Doherty and Zara, leading to Zara's untimely death.

A shocking encounter
Hajiya Malaika Doherty was visibly shaken when she saw Hassan Gambo at the wedding. She questioned how he managed to bypass security, but the real horror was yet to come. Hassan made subtle threats, urging her to enjoy her children's laughter while she could. Hajiya Malaika, always defiant, responded with threats of her own, unaware that Hassan's words carried immediate danger.

The deadly plan
In a tradition meant to symbolize love, the groom sprays the bride with perfume. However, this ritual turned deadly when the perfume was switched to a poisoned version. As Marcus sprayed Zara, she inhaled the toxin, causing her to cough up blood. She was rushed to the hospital but tragically did not survive. Marcus, who also inhaled some of the poison, was fortunate enough to survive, as he didn't breathe in as much.

Who Is Hassan Gambo?
Hassan Gambo is a former hooligan prince who learned the values of refinement and strategy behind prison bars. Now, he is determined to make the most of his second chance at life and ensure that his enemies, particularly Hajiya Malaika Doherty, pay for their roles in his downfall.

The aftermath
As the Gambo family left the wedding, savouring their victory, they realized that the perfume vial containing the poison was missing. This seemingly minor detail could become a significant issue in the future. For now, viewers can only wait to see what happens next on Dust, airing every weekday on Africa Magic Showcase at 8:30 pm.