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A perfect match torn apart – Dust

23 June 2024
As Rhodes prepares to marry Sugar, hearts are broken and lives are changed forever.
A perfect match torn apart – Dust

In another life, Rhodes and Zara would have been the perfect match, but in this one, their love story seems doomed. With the news of Rhodes's impending wedding to Sugar, it looks like all hope might be lost for these star-crossed lovers.

How did It all go wrong?
It all started when Rhodes’s younger brother, Marcus, was betrothed to Zara. This arrangement was meant to forge an alliance between the Doherty and Ubangari families and to compensate Zara's family for the accident that left her in a wheelchair.

Despite this, Rhodes and Zara couldn’t let go of their feelings for each other. But Sugar, Rhodes’s current girlfriend, wasn’t about to let that happen. Desperate to keep her man, she even tried to kill Zara by pushing her out of her wheelchair. Fortunately, the bracelet she wore gave her away.

The impending marriage
With Sugar now expecting a baby and having taken the initiative to propose to Rhodes, he felt he had no choice but to go ahead with the marriage. The news broke Zara’s heart, knowing that everything she shared with Rhodes might be gone for good.

Watch Rhodes break the wedding news

Things aren't looking good for Rhodes and Zara. What will become of them? Are they really done for? Tune in to Dust on Africa Magic Showcase every weekday at 8pm to find out.