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Twitter reacts to Dembele reveal – Dilemma

10 July 2022
The crowd goes wild as HM is revealed as Dembele.

The streets of Twitter erupted when it was revealed that Senator Henry Makanjuola (HM) was the revered Dembele. An unsuspecting Kaineto had invited him to her house after a successful business deal only for Zira and Lady T to barge in claiming they were there on the invitation of Dembele. As soon as they said that, they promptly looked toward HM and bowed in reverence.

Watch the Dembele reveal here 

This reveal sent fans of Dilemma into a frenzy. There were a lot of fans who didn't see this twist coming, and their shock was all too obvious.

There is still a bit of conspiracy theorising as a few fans are not totally buying that one person could be Dembele. Their theory is that it might be a cult with many 'Dembeles' or that the title is being rotated.

There are some who speculate that Kanan might be Dembele.

The heartbreak

Asides from the Dembele reveal, there was more shocking news for fans of the show. Kaineto’s beloved friend and trustee, Tank was shot by Dembele immediately after he revealed himself. We aren’t entirely sure if the shot was fatal, but words from Damilola Ogunsi who played the role of Tank have us frightened.

It was really quite difficult for the fans to process and you could feel their pain in every tweet that came right after.

With this incident, fans are worried about Kaineto’s safety seeing as she is all alone and at the mercy of Dembele.

It’s been a rollercoaster these past few weeks on Dilemma and the fans are going through it.

Buckle up tight because Dilemma still has 60 episodes to go and it is going to be one bumpy ride. Dilemma airs every weeknight on AM Showcase 151. If you missed previous episodes, you can always binge-watch on Showmax.