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Five tips to win big on Come Play Naija

25 November 2022
All you need to know to get that extra edge when it’s game time.
Come Play Naija tips

A new season of Come Play Naija is here and as usual, some lucky fans get to participate in exciting games to stand a chance of winning amazing gifts and cash prizes. If you are lucky enough to be one of the participants, we have a few tips to give you that extra edge when it’s game time.

Let’s get right into it!

Have a great squad

Make sure you assemble a team to rival the Avengers. Okay, maybe that's taking it too far. Just make sure you have a squad comprising individuals versed in different fields. Make sure you recruit your bookworm brother who is always at the top of the class, and the little sister who always dreamed of becoming a gymnast, but life happened, and she ended up getting called to the bar (This will be a great time to relive her childhood dream).  Don't forget to call your nephew who is always arguing at the newsstand about football, and last but not least, your cousin who has all the latest celebrity tea. For Come Play Naija, you need the best of the best!

Have every teammate practice

You are not going to go in there unprepared. Nope, can’t do that! Just like you have to prepare for exams, you have to do the same for Come Play Naija. You need to study and practice, especially for the Quiz Round that requires brain work. For the Obstacle Challenges, a quick fitness drill should get you in shape and ready to make that quick dash to victory.

Assign teammates to appropriate games

You know that thing about round pegs in square holes? You don’t want to do that. You have to get it right when assigning your teammates to the different games on Come Play Naija. Let's take the Quiz Round as an example. This is pretty much a test of knowledge, so it only makes sense that the geek in your squad takes the lead on this one, and when it comes to the obstacle challenge, you can have the gymnast or sports enthusiast on your team jump on this… literally.

Grab your pom poms

Time to get your cheerleading on! Your teammates will need to be cheered on during the course of the game. They need to know there's someone on the sidelines rooting for them. So get your pom poms and make sure your teammates hear you loud and clear.

Remember to have fun

Come Play Naija is really all about playing exciting games and having fun. So while you answer questions, play the Military Obstacle Course, and spin the wheel, make sure to have yourself a jolly good time. As an added bonus, if you are the lucky winner, you get to go home with amazing gifts and cash prizes.

Check out how it goes down on Come Play Naija

If you can't be on the show, you can always be part of the fun every Saturday at 7 pm on Africa Magic Showcase and Africa Magic Urban and at 9 pm on Africa Magic Family.