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A win for Endurance - Come Play Naija

17 January 2023
The tension was high, the stakes were even higher, but in the end, Endurance emerged victorious.
A win for Endurance

After 12 weeks of intense and exciting competitions, the second season of Come Play Naija has come to a close with one winner emerging victorious. Endurance, a determined and resilient player, proved to be the ultimate champion as he took home the grand prize of 15 million Naira and a brand-new vehicle.

The final game was a true test of endurance as players were tasked with touching the car with one hand without letting go. The game was designed to push players to their limits, testing not only their physical stamina but also their mental fortitude. The game was also made more challenging as players were asked to complete fun activities such as dancing, raising one hand up and carrying a plate of balls while keeping one hand on the car.

In the end, it was Endurance who emerged as the last man standing, a testament to his tenacity and determination. Reflecting on his victory, Endurance said, "I have literally never won anything in my entire life. I feel so overwhelmed."

Watch the heated Finale here

As the second season of Come Play Naija comes to a close, fans can look forward to an even bigger and better third season. Be sure to catch up on this season's exciting episodes on the DStv Now app and get ready for the next round of thrilling challenges and mouthwatering prizes.