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Meet Dami, Flo, Joy, and Kainene – Chronicles

21 October 2023
These four extraordinary young women embark on a daring heist adventure that turns into a testament to courage, friendship, and the unyielding spirit of youth.
Meet Dami, Flo, Joy, and Kainene - Chronicles

In the realm of Chronicles, four extraordinary young women stand poised on the precipice of destiny. Dami, Flo, Joy, and Kainene – each harboring unique dreams and aspirations – are about to embark on treacherous journeys that will test the very fabric of their being.

Watch their journey begin

As we delve into the depths of their lives, we'll uncover the hidden facets that make them who they are. Their struggles are real, their triumphs inspiring, and their bonds of friendship unbreakable.

Damilola ‘Dami’ Adebowale
At the heart of this captivating narrative is Damilola, or "Dami" for short. With striking natural beauty that could have led her down a different path, she instead embraced her fierce, street-smart persona. Despite being a middle child, she displayed exceptional leadership qualities from an early age.
Growing up in a Christian home, she was instilled with values of respect, kindness, and equality. However, life's relentless trials slowly eroded her faith in humanity. Dami's journey unfolds as she becomes the family's breadwinner, taking on this role after her father's passing. Her mission was clear: to save her mother's business by borrowing from the local crime boss, Dagger. But fate had other plans, and when her brother was shot during a botched attempt to raise money for his surgery, she found herself entangled in a life-altering quest for survival.
Blinded by guilt and determination, Dami takes on an unexpected partnership with Flo to rob Flo's own father, Chief Odenigbo. What started as a mission to save her brother's life becomes a harrowing ordeal, forcing Dami to confront her past and her sense of responsibility. As the narrative unfolds, Dami's faith in humanity faces a test like no other. The turning point in her journey reveals the compassion and goodness that can emerge from strangers when her brother's life hangs in the balance. 

Florence ‘Flo’ Odenigbo
Florence, or simply "Flo," embodies privilege and entitlement as the daughter of a prominent politician, the Minister of Trade. However, her once-idyllic relationship with her father soured after the tragic loss of her mother. She began to hold her father responsible for the tragedy, and this resentment would shape her rebellious character.
With a life marked by excessive partying, gambling, and a carefree spirit, Flo's behavior lands her in dire straits when she accumulates a substantial debt to the menacing crime boss, Dagger. Desperate to free her boyfriend held as collateral, she joins forces with Dami to orchestrate a daring heist. What unfolds is a chain of events that will ultimately reveal the dark secrets of her father, the honorable Minister. Flo's character flaw lies in her unyielding temperament, influenced by her traumatic upbringing and distrust of others. Her story is one of transformation, a journey from defiance to the courageous revelation of her father's monstrous nature, which could spell the end of his political career.

Joy Coker
Joy, the embodiment of optimism and love, embarks on this perilous journey with one goal: to save the life of her beloved Femi. Her unwavering love story with Femi begins in their school years, where they were voted the couple most likely to end up together. Despite a setback when Femi initially fails to secure a university admission, Joy remains devoted and later welcomes him into her world.
An intelligent and analytical thinker, Joy serves as the voice of reason among the group of heist-plotters. The third of six siblings and the only girl in her family, Joy navigates the challenges of her relationship with Femi, especially in the face of family disapproval due to his health issues. Femi's struggle with anemia intensifies her determination to save him. She sees the best in people and remains optimistic in the most challenging situations, making her the emotional core of the group.

Kainene, with her ethereal beauty and quiet demeanor, is the emotional core of the "Chronicles" saga. She may not see herself as beautiful, but she exudes a silent strength that becomes a pivotal aspect of the story. She is the reserved type, speaking only when her words carry weight. A part-time member of the Adebowale family during her tumultuous childhood, she sought refuge in their home to escape her parents' constant fights. Her mother's act of self-defense, which resulted in her father's death and a prison sentence, led her to find a permanent place in the Adebowale family.
Motivated by gratitude and the desire to repay the family that embraced her, Kainene joins the heist mission to save Femi's life. She sees the quest as an opportunity to express her thanks for their kindness and acceptance.

Each of these four girls brings a unique dynamic to the story, creating a narrative that unfolds with breathtaking depth and emotion. As Chronicles reveals their individual struggles, we witness the unyielding strength and determination of young women in the face of adversity.  Reconnect now using the #MyDStv or #MyGOtv apps to catch up with these four heroines on Chronicles airing on Africa Magic Showcase every Friday at 20:30 WAT.