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Fans spellbound as Chronicles premiere

08 October 2023
From a daring heist gone awry to a gripping twist of fate, fans are spellbound by the captivating premiere of Chronicles!
Fans spellbound as Chronicles premiere

Chronicles premiered on Africa Magic Showcase, and it's already making waves across social media! The show unfolds the story of four audacious girls who hatch a cunning plan - to heist Chief Odenigbo, a prominent government Minister in Nigeria. Their strategy? Use the loud choir rehearsal happening in the church opposite Chief Odenigbo's residence to cover the noise of their heist.

But, as life would have it, even the most meticulously crafted schemes can spiral into delightful chaos. As they execute their plot, our heroines find themselves in an uproarious predicament - locked inside the hallowed halls of the Sanctuary Chapel. 

Let's dive into some of the fan reviews and social media chatter to get a taste of the excitement Chronicles is stirring up!

The hype begins
As the clock struck premiere time, fans were eagerly waiting to see what Chronicles had in store. Twitter was abuzz with anticipation, and folks were already sharing their excitement. Tweets from sinmileoluwa_ and TheSharonRotimi set the stage for what was to come.

A promising start
The first episode of Chronicles had fans hooked from the get-go. Viewers couldn't help but notice that this show was off to a fantastic start. Tweets from poshchi, dayoakinboro, menasodje, and imoheboh flooded the timeline, all echoing the sentiment that Chronicles was looking promising.

A stellar cast deserves kudos
The cast of Chronicles didn't go unnoticed either. Fans were quick to applaud their stellar performances. Tweets like TheSharonRotimi and uchechika_e's poured in, giving credit where it was due. It's clear that this ensemble is delivering performances that are worth talking about.

"Sing or Die" strikes a chord
One line from the show, "Sing or Die," resonated with the audience. It's not every day that robbers offer such options to their targets, right? Fans took to Twitter to discuss this unexpected twist. Tweets from Marvyleeee and amechio show how this particular scene got people talking.

Pastor's daring move
One of the most talked-about moments on social media was when the pastor headed to the church despite knowing it was under siege by robbers. They had even taken the choir hostage! This twist had fans buzzing with opinions. Check out the conversation from ugochiori and TheSharonRotimi.

Fan-favorites emerge
Chronicles brought some familiar faces to the screen, like veteran Nollywood star Yomi Fash-Lanso and music sensation Ego. Fans were absolutely enthralled by their presence.

Old foes
Sharp-eyed viewers of Chronicles couldn't miss the fact that the villain from another popular show, Dilemma, made an appearance., but this time, as a different character.

Countdown to the next episode
The final icing on the Chronicles cake is that fans just can't wait for the next episode. They're already marking their calendars, and Friday can't come soon enough! The anticipation is real, as seen in this tweet from Shinda_Shine.

So, there you have it, folks! Chronicles has officially taken over our screens and social media feeds. With a promising start, a fantastic cast, and plenty of twists and turns, this show is shaping up to be another hit on Africa Magic. Reconnect now using the #MyDStv or #MyGOtv app and don't miss out on the next episode!