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Flo, Dami, and Joy make it out alive – Chronicles

30 December 2023
Even after Flo's father gave the orders to kill them all, fate had other plans.
Flo, Dami, and Joy make it out alive

The finale episode of Africa Magic Showcase's Refuge was a whirlwind; as the girls, Flo, Dami, and Joy, awaited their fate after robbing a church, they opened up, showed their humanity, and bonded with the hostages about their touching life stories and challenges.

Flo reveals her father's secret

Even though she knew death might be on the cards for her, Flo couldn't help but open up about her sad life with her callous father, who is way too powerful. She bitterly spoke about how much he had pushed her mother to have a male child till she passed away, only to remarry right after her death. Throughout her childhood, Flo was neglected and, for the most part, made to feel unworthy by her father when all she wanted was a home filled with love and warmth – A house she had with Mofe, who unfortunately died. 

Unknown to them, as they were bonding, the police officers were finalising plans to raid the church and kill them on sight. However, one of the officers gave Flo the inside scoop, which she revealed to everyone inside the church, causing panic. 

Interestingly, prayers and a simple idea were what ended up saving their lives. Even though they got arrested in collaboration with Pastor Momodu and the church members, the girls used lights from their phones to confuse the police officers, stopping them from shooting. 

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