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Joy Chronicles

Joy Coker

Joy, the embodiment of optimism and love, embarks on this perilous journey with one goal: to save the life of her beloved Femi. Her unwavering love story with Femi begins in their school years, where they were voted the couple most likely to end up together. Despite a setback when Femi initially fails to secure a university admission, Joy remains devoted and later welcomes him into her world.
An intelligent and analytical thinker, Joy serves as the voice of reason among the group of heist-plotters. The third of six siblings and the only girl in her family, Joy navigates the challenges of her relationship with Femi, especially in the face of family disapproval due to his health issues. Femi's struggle with anemia intensifies her determination to save him. She sees the best in people and remains optimistic in the most challenging situations, making her the emotional core of the group.

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