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Flo Chronicles

Florence ‘Flo’ Odenigbo

Florence, or simply "Flo," embodies privilege and entitlement as the daughter of a prominent politician, the Minister of Trade. However, her once-idyllic relationship with her father soured after the tragic loss of her mother. She began to hold her father responsible for the tragedy, and this resentment would shape her rebellious character.
With a life marked by excessive partying, gambling, and a carefree spirit, Flo's behavior lands her in dire straits when she accumulates a substantial debt to the menacing crime boss, Dagger. Desperate to free her boyfriend held as collateral, she joins forces with Dami to orchestrate a daring heist. What unfolds is a chain of events that will ultimately reveal the dark secrets of her father, the honorable Minister. Flo's character flaw lies in her unyielding temperament, influenced by her traumatic upbringing and distrust of others. Her story is one of transformation, a journey from defiance to the courageous revelation of her father's monstrous nature, which could spell the end of his political career.

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