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Who's your daddy? – AM Fathers

16 June 2024
In these most random scenarios, which Africa Magic father would you choose to have by your side?
Who's your daddy?  – AM Fathers

Africa Magic fathers are a vibrant bunch! From the stern but supportive to the goofy and hilarious, their personalities are as diverse as the characters they portray. Think you know them inside and out? Put your knowledge to the test! In these most random scenarios, which Africa Magic father would you choose to have by your side?

AM Fathers - Tongue-lashing dad

One of these dads would say, does another kid have two heads? when he sees your not-so-great report card.

Julius Sin
Chief Amadi Glass House
Tayo Checkout
damani tinsel
AM Fathers - Mum reporter

Which of these dads would have called you to report your mom!

Chief Amadi
Chief Amadi40%
baba landlord 2
Baba Landlord20%
Mide, Dust Season 1
otunba itura
AM Fathers - Driving Tutor

It's time for your first driving lesson. Which dad are you going to let teach you?

Kelechi's new plot – Masquerades of Aniedo Image : 17710
Mazi Kelechi17%
Mazi Afam17%
lucky tv
Lucky Johnson67%
chuks tinsel
AM Fathers - Dance daddy

It's your wedding day, and you catch your dad in a dance-off with your mom. Which dad is it?

lucky johnson
Lucky Johnson67%
baba landlord 2
Baba Landlord17%
chuks tinsel
damani tinsel
AM Fathers - Daddy's got my back

As a kid, when you said, "I'll tell my daddy for you," which daddy would you have had in mind?

Mide Dust
lucky johnson 2
Lucky Johnson67%
mazi offor
Mazi Offor17%
AM Fathers - Cunny daddy

Mum said nobody should touch the fried chicken in the kitchen, but one of these dads did and shared some with you, so he could implicate you when Mum finds out.

grandpa tade
Grandpa Tade2%
baba landlord my flatmates
Baba Landlord13%
goodluck the johnsons
Nduka flatmates
abeg crop
AM Fathers - Best Dad

This dad would have taken you to write all your exams, followed you on the first day of school, and even driven you to your first day at your job.

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Chief Amadi Glass House
Chief Amadi
Tayo Checkout
goodluck the johnsons
lucky johnson
Lucky Johnson

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