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Treasure exhibits suspicious behaviours – Checkout

29 April 2024
He has been stealing Treatz store items.
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Treasure's usual calm demeanor became suspicious when a group of men chased him alongside his closest Treatz friend, Ozzy. After the attack, oblivious to the truth, Ozzy asked Treasure if he knew the men as they seemed to be after him. Treasure, with a hint of a smile, shrugged it off and claimed it could be his jealous foes. Little did Ozzy know that his friend was indeed up to no good and sabotaging him.

Treasure steals headphones

While they were taking store inventory and arranging new store items, Treasure took advantage of Ozzy's soft spot for him and got him to leave him alone in the store room under the guise of being tired. An unsuspecting Ozzy did, and that was when Treasure stole the headphones left in Ozzy's care. Once Ozzy discovered it was missing, he panicked, and rightfully so, as he eventually had to face Margaret, who reprimanded him and decided to deduct the money for the missing item from his salary. Ozzy was distraught and complained bitterly to Treasure as a pair of shoes also went missing, which meant he would lose even more money!

Treasure decides to frame Jamiu

Feeling guilty for getting Ozzy in trouble, Treasure steals Jamiu's office badge and places it in the exact spot where the missing headphones had been, thus making Jamiu look like the thief. Once Ozzy discovers the badge, he immediately confronts Jamiu, who reinstates that he is not the thief as his badge has been missing for days! Who do you think will be the first Treatz staff member to realize that Treasure is the thief? 

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