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The Employee of the Month saga – Checkout

20 June 2024
Jamiu's win almost cost Chinedu his job.
Checkout, Checkout S1

Since Margaret began her role as the manager of the Treatz store, she has devised new ways to ensure the Treatz employees are on their best behaviour to put the Treatz store in a better light and attract even more customers. One of her most significant decisions was to bring back the coveted Employee of the Month title and reward the staff who won. This move, orchestrated by Margaret, sparked excitement among the Treatz employees, especially Chinedu and Jamiu, who were eager to prove their worth.

Jamiu the Powerhouse

However, Jamiu was shining even brighter than Chinedu. He was super efficient, working even longer hours and abruptly meeting every customer's needs. He was so hands-on that he even saved a customer from getting injured during an accident. It's no surprise that his teammates were rooting for him to win instead of Chinedu. The Treatz staff went as far as betting to determine who would win, and most staff put their money on Jamiu, leaving Chinedu dismayed.

Chinedu loses his cool

After much deliberation, Margaret eventually crowned Jamiu as the employee of the month. Then came Chaos and self-sabotage from Chinedu. He was grumpy to his teammates and lashed out at Margaret, calling her incompetent and bragging about his importance in the store. Chinedu's hurt got the best of him, leading him to offend Margaret and beg for his job back. Do you think Chinedu's feelings will trigger him again, or will he eventually move on?

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