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The union of the Brethren

31 July 2020
While a union between Bara and Dag was unlikely, it was imperetaive to the destruction of the illicit Founding Fathers

It started off quite small scale really; odd cases here and there, rounding up some Lagos area boys and busting immature murderers; but the real work started when croons like Lagos Shepherd, The Face and the notorious Founding Fathers surfaced and resurfaced like hard to eliminate fungi.

Perception vs. Reality

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it is imperative to highlight that the initial perception planted for the viewer to water was that of a storyline following the lives of two brothers whose paths couldn’t have been more different. One dealt heart first with communal ills and sought to use the law, not as a weapon of conviction, but that of rehabilitation; while the other cared very little about communal living and sought to establish his own empire regardless of his father’s disapproval.

The real deal, however, was rooted in the push and shove that resulted in an unlikely alliance between the brothers… An alliance that sought to bring wrath on members of society that gambled with lives and livelihoods, including their father.

Now, the nitty-gritty

Bara’s real ‘good cop’ tests came about when crime in SCU’s jurisdiction became so rife, there were more dead bodies than solved cases. The temperature in the kitchen gained some crazy momentum when Lagos shepherd started herding his sheep fearlessly and spat in the faces of law enforcers. When that not so little problem seemed to have been solved, another puzzle was thrown in for the division to solve. The face started making public threats, planting bombs and taking over national broadcasting facilities to deliver his activism styled messages.
Bara was later tasked with protecting the DP, but even that proved impossible thanks to a mole that Pinheiro had morning tea with.

On the other hand, Dag faced similar enemies, only this time, there were no SPU tools to be used. When his club opened, there were more than just a few attempts made to silence his rhythm and eliminate him as competition. From dealing with suddenly exaggerated loan rates, accusations of running a brothel and a drug cartel, to his father forcing him to sell his land in order to be ranked higher with his ‘secret society, Dag had a few multiheaded pythons of his own to kill.

The union

There was almost no way the brothers could have known what the other was dealing with, but Tina’s untimely death forced the two to liken their wounds and realize that the enemy was shared. When they probed further into her disappearance, information on the Founding Fathers seemed almost readily available (Remember than Bara had already rounded up the face and got some proof to end them all?).

It was then discovered that their father was not only involved but manipulated everything including their lives and that of his wife’s to climb up the ranks and gain the confidence of a bunch of power-hungry senior citizens. Assin, Chief didn’t even try to hide his camouflaged spots and downright demanded that they stop their probing and let him and his allies be. This obviously meant war for the brother and they would stop at nothing till the blood of those involved in their mother’s death was split; and after having lost Max’s mother in another attempt at his life, Dag found no greater pleasure than hunting those old men down.

It’s quite obvious that the Brethren care very little about their father’s standing and will do anything, even die, just to see doom over the founding fathers. Tune into the final round next week and see whether justice will be missed or delivered.
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