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Day 59 – 20 Sept: All Stars regrets and revelations – BBNaija

20 September 2023
As one camp celebrated their win, the other bit their fingers in regret.

After the intense Minimie cooking competition, finalist Cross couldn't help but express his regret over a crucial decision. He openly admitted that he wished he hadn't chosen Angel as their spokesperson during the task. 

According to Cross, Angel's lack of enthusiasm and optimism during her presentation disappointed him. He felt that she "didn't care" enough, and this decision weighed heavily on his mind. In a display of humility, Cross promptly apologised to his team members, wishing he could turn back the hands of time.

Watch Team Chicken and Veggies victory

Ceec's take on 'ships'

Ceec, a finalist in the All Stars edition, took a moment to reflect on the intricate web of romantic relationships within the house. She playfully expressed her regrets about mentioning that she had a boyfriend outside the house. In a candid conversation with fellow housemate Soma, they delved into the topic of relationships that have blossomed inside the Big Brother house. Ceec emphasised the unique opportunity that being in a relationship within the house provides, allowing couples to truly get to know each other before transitioning back to the real world. As if on cue, Angel joined the discussion, passionately kissing her beau, further igniting the flames of their connection.

Cross and Pere's "brothership"

Adenita, always keen on unravelling the mysteries of house dynamics, couldn't help but analyse the relationship between Cross and Pere. According to Adekunle, Pere revealed that what he shares with Cross goes beyond mere friendship; it's a "brothership." Venita chimed in, affirming that Cross seems to understand Pere on a deeper level than anyone else in the house.  She further declared that their connection appears to be a symbiotic one. 

As the All Stars season nears the finale, the true nature of some relationships is revealed, and as they face new challenges, the housemates either win or lose - there are no in-betweens.

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