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Day 58: 19 Sept: Who will make it to the finale? – BBNaija

19 September 2023
It's survival of the fittest for these five nominated housemates - and only you can make their dream come true!
5 Nominated housemates

AdekunleAngelSomaPere, and Venita are the five housemates facing potential eviction in the upcoming round, and at least one of them will secure a spot in the finals.

As expected, the air in the Big Brother house is charged with tension and uncertainty, as everyone eagerly waits with bated breath to see who will join Ceec, Cross, Ilebaye, and Mercy Eke in the finals.

Here's a look at some of the reasons why our nominated five each deserve a spot in the finale. Feel free to add your own analysis of your faves' gameplay, as voting continues in earnest. Let us know your thoughts on social media using #BBNaija and #BBNaijaAllStars.

In alphabetical order... 

Adekunle: The quiet strategist

Adekunle returned this season as "Bad Boy Deks" and not "BBQ man" like in the Level Up season. Adekunle's complex blend of personas is testament to his thought-out gameplay. In contrast to his previous season on the show where he found himself bored and isolated, Adekunle turned on the charm, became this season's first HoH, and was fortunate enough to secure black card immunity at a point. He has also avoided getting into too many disputes, choosing peace more often than not, and also urging his fellow housemates do the same. Although he's been involved in some intriguing disputes, it's safe to say his second appearance on Big Brother Naija has been more peaceful than his first. He's been content to play a more laidback role in the house, but has also given romance a chance this time around, finding love with Venita. Does Adekunle deserve a spot in the finale? Then vote now!

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Angel: The unapologetic one

A vocal advocate for girl power, Angel is never one to hold back her opinions. Despite exuding "independent woman energy," this time around, she has willingly embraced a princess-like role, courtesy of her partner, Soma. Soma's consistent affection has meant daily pampering, massages, comfort, and even wardrobe changes for Angel. She has even proudly proclaimed, "I have a provider," confirming her commitment to what they have going on. Angel has held her own too though, participating in tasks, working the dancefloor in her signature "hot girl" style, and of course going head-to-head with anyone looking for a fight. She has also embraced a more playful attitude, recently leaving her fellow housemates confounded with a letter-writing prank that had the whole house buzzing? Think she's done enough to earn a spot in the finale? Then vote now!

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Pere: The strategist

Pere's second appearance on Big Brother Naija has been full of ups and downs, but through it all, he has remained confident. Pere came into the game with strategic gameplay in mind, a mindset welcomed by many of the boys in the house, who quickly formed an alliance to help give them a leg-up over the girls this season. He has been caught between Alex and Ceec, as well as between Cross and Kim Oprah, and also Whitemoney and Mercy, and has also had to navigate the fallout brought on by Ike trashing Ilebaye's locker. Pere has been vocal in the house, consistently disagreeing with his fellow housemates' approach to the "pardon me please" game, viewing it as a tool for strategic manipulation rather than mere sympathy. While he hasn't claimed the HoH title this season, he has won various tasks, including the prestigious game-master title in one of the games, showcasing his competitiveness. Has Pere done enough to cruise to the finale? Vote for him now!

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Soma: The artist 

Soma, the ever-singing and music-composing housemate, has added a nice touch to the All Stars house with his producing talents. Fans witnessed his initial struggles in the competition, including a fear of eviction that would leave him in tears. However, as the weeks passed, he gradually built up his self-confidence, with daily affirmations that even extended to the entire house during his HoH reign. These became such a big part of the house that some housemates missed these affirmations when his reign ended. Additionally, he has displayed chivalry and care towards Angel, particularly following a strike he received, for an incident involving her. Is Soma finale material? Then vote for him now!

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Venita: The disruptor

Venita is known for her fearless and outspoken nature, which she has had on full display since she entered the house. She recently clashed with Cross, after boldly raising the Moniepoint coins contribution to 200 without consulting the other housemates. When stating her reasoning for this bold move, Venita told everyone she was "doing what everyone else was thinking, but was hesitant to say." Although she's been involved in many heated back and forths in the house, courtesy of her propensity to speak her mind, finding love with Adekunle seems to have softened her up a little. She has been there with advice for him when needed, and also famously babied Adekunle when he was down with the flu. Venita has also done well during tasks this season, actively involving herself from conception all the way to presentations, helping her housemates cruise to many victories. Do you want to see Venita in the finals? Then vote for her now!

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As the race to the finale stage unfolds, these five nominated housemates face a crucial decision—will they adopt a more strategic approach to their time in the house, or will they prioritise enjoying the experience? 

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