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Day 46 – 7 Sept: Breaking news - Mercy Eke issued a strike! – BBNaija

07 September 2023
Mercy Eke was issued a strike for continuous microphone infringement.

Mercy Eke has found herself in hot water with Big Brother as she has been issued a strike for repeatedly violating house rules related to microphone usage, despite recent warnings and punishments. This marks the first official strike against her during her stay in the Big Brother house.

Watch Mercy receive a strike

Big Brother had previously issued a punishment to fellow housemates Pere and Neoenergy for their whispered conversations. This move was believed to be seen as a stern warning to all housemates regarding the importance of adhering to microphone rules. 

Big Brother quoted Article 16, Sub-article 3 of the house rule book, which provides explicit guidelines on the use of microphones by all housemates. "The last paragraph of Article 16, Sub-Article 3, explicitly warns housemates that consistent or intentional infringements of this rule could result in severe consequences, including strikes or disqualification from the house".

Now that Mercy Eke has one strike to her name, two more strikes and she will face immediate disqualification from the Big Brother Naija house potentially ending her journey in the game.

Recall that other housemates have also been issued strikes: Ilebaye (two strikes), Evictee Ike (one strike), and Soma (one strike). Ilebaye's strikes were a result of physical violence, for she laid her hands on Ceec and Doyin. Ceec's was for goading, Ike's strike was as a result of bullying, and Soma's was earned for an act of harassment against Angel and for flipping his finger at the camera.

With Mercy Eke serving as a scapegoat for microphone infringement and for whispering, will the other housemates fall in line and understand that Big Brother’s leniency cannot and should never be taken for granted? Time will tell.

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