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Day 4 - 27 Jul: Wager task preps going well? – BBNaija

27 July 2023
As the All Stars season unfolds, the housemates find themselves immersed in the preparations for the first wager task of the season.
Wager task preps

Just two days before the wager task presentation, the All Stars are going through the plan. Alex was selected as the creative leader under Adekunle's leadership as the week's HoH. Her responsibility is to lead the team and coordinate the efforts to produce an entertaining performance.

During the preparations, which require the housemates to put up a reflective play, Pere, who also possesses production experience, found himself on the sidelines and couldn't help but joke about the situation with Uriel. Uriel, perhaps curious about Pere's absence from the forefront, asked him why he wasn't leading the creative charge alongside Alex. He expressed his bewilderment at the lack of a script and Alex's approach of doing their write-ups and then just acting them out. He shared that he had initially approached Adekunle with a recommendation which he declined because the HoH had a set plan he wanted to stick to.

Alex's plan has incorporated some suggestions from other housemates, especially after the morning's clash with CeeC. The new plan grouped housemates together, and their first group task was to brainstorm the ads they will add to the play. NeoenergyTolanibanj, and Pere were in the same group, representing the toothpaste Closeup, and they came up with their plan in less than three minutes. Venita and Mercy Eke need to create a skincare advert for the play using Hawaii soap. The preparations had a lot of singing, drumming, acting, and casual frustrations like Frodd shouting at his fellow housemates that they are sleeping too much and must sit closer to where the rehearsals are taking place. 

HoH Adekunle took a cat nap with his head in his arms, and Cross tucked himself away on the far right side of the couch and went to sleep.

Preparation for the task started on a rocky note with Mercy Eke expressing her dissatisfaction with Adekunle's leadership. She had expected him to introduce himself to the housemates and chat through his plan on Monday, but Adekunle wanted it to happen on Tuesday. This caused a momentary rift between the two, who soon reconciled. 

A potential wager loss

Mercy Eke's frustration stemmed from her experience of witnessing housemates lose their first wager, which would result in some real challenges for the housemates.

Since Day 2, some housemates have expressed their concerns about the quantity of food that is being prepared in the evening. Kiddwaya shared that he witnessed the housemates cooking four different meals at one time. On Day 3, Uriel and Pere were laughing at how crucial this win is because they are rushing through groceries quickly. Uriel witnessed housemates cooking six different meals. If well managed, Uriel feels like their groceries could last them a few weeks, but Pere does not agree, especially because of how food is being consumed in the house.

Are the odds on their side for this one? 

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