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Day 56: Week 8 in Big Brother's House – BBNaija

17 September 2022
From Fake Evictions to a long-awaited date night, Biggie's House has been nothing short of entertaining this past week.
Housemates in the Arena Games

What viewers and Housemates thought was the Eviction of EloswagChomzy and Doyin turned out to be a Game Twist. That's how the week started, with the introduction of the new Level 3. The three Housemates were shocked to be in a newly renovated House and speculated that they were not out of the game just yet!. 

Head of House and Nominations  

The House Guest's presence in Level 3 was a secret until the House had a new Head of House. On Monday night, Phyna assumed the black and white chair as HoH. So, far in the game, no former Level 2 Housemates have been HoH, so the win was monumental. The House played water games, hitting empty bottles from across the room and pouring water from their mouths into a measuring cup. 

Watch Phyna's HoH win

Soon after the HoH games, Nomination took place. AdekunleBellaChichiDotunHermes and Sheggz were Nominated until Phyna got an opportunity to Veto. She swapped Chichi with Allysyn, and Chichi told Biggie that she wondered if Phyna would have still selected her if a former Level 2 Housemate was up for possible Eviction? 

Phyna's win came with a reward that had a twist as she went to Level 3 with Groovy and Bryann, and to their surprise, the House had three House Guests. The House Guests soon joined the main House, surprising all other Housemates. 

Phyna's HoH reign introduced new things in the House, such as punishing Housemates for arriving late to Lounge gatherings. Housemates were required to do push-ups or jumping jacks when they were late. 👌

Tail of House 

Rider Rachel was the Tail of the House this week, whose reward was wearing a trash bag as a dress and picking up litter around the House. She embraced her reward and wore it with pride but soon cried after learning that she can't attend the movie night even after paying for a ticket. Her disappointment led to a squabble with Chichi for lying about having a ticket to the Showmax movie night. 👀


The movie night was also the first night the Shella ship would be separated because it came with a sleepover. Sheggz's name was on the list but Bella's wasn't. Eloswag tried swapping names to get Bella to attend but Biggie declined. Chomzy did not appreciate that Eloswag did not talk to her first before making that suggestion... Wahala!🔥 This is one of the reasons that led to Eloswag's difficult decision to stay away from Chomzy. 

Watch Eloswag open up to Sheggz about Chomzy:

Although they missed out on a movie date, Biggie finally considered Bella's constant reminder about their date night. This was a good way to end the week after a rocky start. During the Live Eviction Show on Sunday, Ebuka scattered the table by asking Bella if being called stupid and crazy is her love language. Their post-Live Eviction Show conversation came with a lot of, "I love you" and "you are the one" from Big Sheggz. 

Rocky friendships 

Doyin's friendships were rocky this week. She had a fallout with Allysyn over the reception of her return to the House. The two soon resolved their squabble and went back to being friends again. She then had a conversation that was initiated by Bryann who told her they were not compatible as friends. Soon after she called Chizzy out for lying about not knowing anything about being stereotyped as a person that meddles in people's business. 

Another friendship that was on the rocks was Sheggz and Groovy. The two felt responsible for standing up for their girls as they quarrelled about a food disagreement. Phyna told Bella she was from the streets and Bella dared her to come to beat her. The two gents soon stood up and addressed each other. Sheggz told Groovy that he did not understand why he was with Phyna. 👀

Watch the Groophy vs Shella fight

The Edo triplets are also in trouble as an altercation happened between Chichi and Rachel over the movie night. Chichi also had a confrontation early today about what Phyna called a lie. Chichi went to tell Groovy that Phyna was lying on the floor high. Groovy confronted Phyna and she got upset and went to clarify. This clarity led to a heated exchange of words between Phyna and Chichi. 

Party like rock stars! 

After Ebuka told the Level Up Housemates that their last Thursday Night Pool Party was a bore, mainly because of the ships, they had a score to settle. This week's Pool Party was definitely one for the books. The Housemates had an enormous amount of fun with the ladies dressed in their best and the guy brought mad energy. Eloswag and Chomzy who are usually a dancing pair at the Pool Party were not dancing together and Chomzy was dancing with everyone except him. He was casually dancing by himself in the mirror and Hermes would occasionally join him.

Watch the Thursday Night Pool Party: 

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