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Day 37: Shella sailing on rocky waters – BBNaija

29 August 2022
Sheggz confronts Bella about her lack of affection.

Emotions were high after this season's seventh Live Eviction Show. Ebuka shook tables that sparked several confrontations in the House. Sheggz, who may have caught onto the energy that was filtering through the House took the chance to address his gripe against Bella, with Doyin as their mediator.

The main bone of contention was that Bella doesn't give the same energy as Sheggz does to their relationship. He expressed to Doyin that he was tired of being the one carrying the relationship, with Bella just cruising along. Sheggzy told Doyin that all he wanted was to spend some time with Bella but she insisted on wanting to go and take a shower. "It's Bella's relationship! It's all about what Bella wants. I am the one who does everything. What about me? What about what I want?" Sheggz asked as he relayed his frustrations to Doyin.

Doyin, who tried to calm the situation, could hardly get a word in as Sheggz proceeded to tell her about Bella's impudence. "She always does what she wants to do and doesn't listen to me," Sheggz exclaimed. Doyin told a livid Sheggz to remain calm and exercise a level of understanding, which was advice that went over Sheggz’s head when Bella responded, in a bid to defend herself.

What started as a mediation escalated into an argument between the shippers which saw Doyin taking the back seat as they both voiced out their grievances about each other. Bella, who was frustrated by not being able to get through to Sheggz tried to explain herself, "We are always here and missing out on things in the House. The hot water was going to be turned off and I wanted to shower, is it wrong?" Doyin tried to get Sheggz to see to reason explaining that Bella's point was valid since all the Housemates had limited time to use the hot water. Sheggz did not back down from his point stating that even besides the water issue, Bella is generally not attentive to his needs. Bella eventually got up from her bed and walked away, which abruptly ended their squabble.

A few hours later, Sheggz expressed his remorse to Bella for the way he handled the situation between them and for letting his emotions get the better of him. Bella reciprocated his apology with a declaration of her love for him. The pair made up and peace was restored to the Shella ship once more.

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