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Who are the two Wildcards? – BBNaija

28 July 2021
Take a wild guess!
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PS: Before we get into it, Wildcards are Biggie’s Fake Housemates planted in the Shine Ya Eye House – and while we’re guessing who they might be, it’s fun to watch the rest of the House go about their day with no clue.

As the Big Brother Naija OGs know, Biggie always has something up his sleeves every season. We’re super excited about his very first twist for the season. Who would have guessed that the 22 Shine Ya Eye hunks and ladies have two Wildcards amongst them? Chai Biggie!

This week, the Housemates have been tasked with figuring out who the Wildcards are – and if they guess correctly, these Wildcards will be Evicted. However, if they fail to fish out the right Wildcards in their midst, the Wildcards will remain in the game and be left to compete for the grand prize. Think that’s all with this twist? Wrong! The gag is, if the Wildcards are not Evicted on Sunday, they will have exclusive power to Nominate on Monday. Oh, Biggie, you sure know how to pull your twists and tricks. Mad o!

Can you already tell who the Wildcards are? The Wildcards will be revealed to you in a special Diary Session which starts from 3:00pm WAT on Thursday, so stay tuned to find out who they are and let us know if you guessed right on social media using #BBNaija. In the meantime, can you predict what trick card Biggie will pull next in the season? Keep watching!

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