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Day 71: Week 10 in the House – BBNaija

03 October 2021
#BBNaija fam, it has been a long ride but we are now at the finish line!

71 full days have gone by right before our eyes and we can’t believe that we are already wrapping up the final week of Africa’s favourite reality show.

A twisty start

The Finale week started in true Big Brother Naija style with one of the wildest twists we have witnessed on the Show to date. We kicked off the week by saying goodbye to Queen, Nini and Saga and Africa was taken by surprise when Pere and Angel's Evictions turned out to be fake. On Monday, the fake evictees spent the day trying to break down their toy vehicles to win an opportunity to return to the House. This was a very distressing time for both the Housemates and the viewers, but Biggie clearly had something up his sleeve.

At the end of the game, Pere and Angel who has been sworn enemies just the day before had become closer than a pair of seeds in a pod. Meanwhile, back in the main House, the remaining four  Cross, Whitemoney, Emmanuel and Liquorose were coming to terms with the reality that they had made it to the final week. Upon finishing the toy disassembling Task, Biggie found both Pere and Angel worthy of staying in the House for Finale Week. When they returned to the House, it was a moment of joy for some but there were mixed feelings because the competition had clearly tightened up a bit.

Gisting reloaded

While in the White Room, Angel and Pere could not resist imagining what their fellow Housemates would be up to. Cross told it all about his processes with romancing women. The geng reminisced on all of their #BBNaija experiences including the Wildcard effect. We saw relationships getting stronger between Cross and Angel as well as Emmanuel and Liquorose, who seem not to be able to keep eyes off each other. We also saw the budding bromance between Cross and Pere getting stronger as they paired up and had some “man-cave” type of fun dancing together and even twinning! The guys also got together to share some of their deep life experiences with their families and from Pere and Whitemoney, the lack of fatherhood in their lives. This week allowed the geng to get a little more vulnerable with one another.

Food was plenty!

While enjoying an emptier House, Cross and Whitemoney made exciting food discoveries, finding all of the formerly Evicted Housemate’s leftover groceries. What a time to be alive in the #BBNaija House! They collected up to four crates of eggs and some sweet delicacies left behind by Saga, Nini and Yousef. It was a happy time for the geng who has been dreaming about having more food to go around but this time around, Finale Week promised to keep them well-fed.

They were later entertained with another buffet dinner in commemoration of Nigerian Independence Day on its eve. Pere, upon returning to the House, even surprised Whitemoney with a secret stash of alcohol! Oh boy, there was plenty to go around! The Housemates also enjoyed a delicious breakfast treat from Biggie which they raved about non-stop.

Fun-filled Tasks

The food experiences did not end there! This week, the Housemates were faced with an Independence Day Task where they had to cook Egusi and Okro Soups which they had to later rate based on taste, texture and scent. This was in honour of Nigerian indigenous food delicacies and knowledge. This Task brought Pere, Liquorose and Emmanuel a big win with each winning shopping vouchers from the Amazon Farm Taste Challenge.

They were also presented an Art Installation Task by Patricia App where they had to create paintings inspired by elements provided to them. These elements were a Rocket, The bitcoin, The Patricia “P” icon and an Astronaut. These paintings were accompanied by amazing stories that allowed the audience to imagine a prosperous future with the My Patrica App. The Airtel Task brought them much joy and laughter while the “Iron Fisher” Task tested the geng’s endurance and strength.

One of a kind parties

The top six of the #BBNaija House gave off “life-long friends” vibes with all the dance moves they shared during the week. It was also festive in the House as the finale week coincided with the Nigerian Independence Day. The morning after the lovely Independence dinner, the guys – Cross and Pere decided to dress up for the day giving off patriotic and celebratory energy. Pere even sang the country’s national anthem in a tribute that many of you loved. This energy flowed into the evening where the Housemates were treated to a great Friday Night Jacuzzi Party.

One of this week’s highlights was the Saturday Night Party which the finalists enjoyed themselves with ex-Housemates who had made their return. Even though they had a glass wall separating them, one could see through the excitement that this was one of the best surprises the finalists could have had on their last night in the House.


This was truly an exciting week for the top six who were well-deserving of the fun, food and freedoms that came with being a part of the final lap of the Shine Ya Eye Season.

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