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Day 67: The tales of failed love interests in Biggie’s House – BBNaija

29 September 2021
While a few ships blossomed, we’ve witnessed some epic fails that came up either because Housemates did not take a chance on love, or they were just not that into it.

The BBNaija House is often filled with Housemates that are eager and open to the idea of love, be it for strategic pairing or genuine desire for companionship and affection. The Housemates, however, often professed they are open to the idea of love but spent an enormous amount of time calculating the risks of heartbreak. 

From what we’ve observed there are a few self-aware Housemates that stalled on love and refused to take the first chance presented to them to ship in the House. Jackie B had an interesting connection with Boma at the beginning of the season. However, the way she held back on shipping was one thing we commend her for, especially when it turned out that Boma is "Okro" (self-confessed, mind you). 😂  Whew, talk about saving yourself first! Luckily, with Michael’s entrance, she eased into the idea of shipping, just not in the House. Well, we hope that love comes around for her and Michael. 

We’ve come to think of Yousef as an unofficial member of the Okro geng or rather a Cruise Master. He’s had his eyes on a number of ladies in the House, from his first kiss with Liquorose during the first Truth or Dare Game to Saskay, Angel and Jackie B. While he’s been unlucky at finding the right lady for him, he’s enjoyed the perks of cruising and sometimes even when time wasn’t on his side (remember Jackie B a few hours before her Eviction?)

Sammy’s love story is a tale of heartbreak and good bargaining. While he started with an interesting cruise with Angel, it led to bittersweet heartbreak. Even Biggie had to step in to give him some advice on how to deal with this situation. Nonetheless, his good bargaining with cruise allowed him to still maintain close proximity to Angel, even when they weren't dating. But who doesn’t like to be cuddled? We understand, Sammie. We truly do!😉

However, we’ve seen your memes about the "know your worth geng" and we couldn’t help but think of all the ladies that held it down. Jackie B and Michael turned out to be a patience game, Maria and Pere, on the other hand, turned out to be a complex duo with a friendship that bordered 'ship drama' and unwarranted jealously. Hmm, “they were just friends.”  

We could go on about epic fails of love in Biggie’s House, but one thing we know is while shipping wasn’t a priority for most Housemates, finding love in this game is never planned. However, being open to the idea of it might be the key to just getting to know more about your ideal partner – we hope Saga is doing okay now that Nini is away from him. 😅

Although Cross and Angel are just cruising they have found their balance in matching each other’s energy and we think if they had their chance at the beginning of the Season, maybe they would be a ship by now? However, love is a beautiful thing and the last ship standing –  Emmarose is proof that anything is possible with a bit of love – and we wish all the Housemates who never got the chance to ship in the House, all the best. 

AngelCrossEmmanuelLiquorosePere, and Whitemoney have been Nominated for Eviction this Sunday You can  VOTE  to Save your favourite Housemate via the Africa Magic website   HERE  and the  Africa Magic mobile site  by selecting contestants of your choice and entering your number of votes and click  VOTE. Voting via these platforms is limited to 100 votes per user. You can also download the  MyGOtv  and  MyDStv  Apps for additional  Votes.  Votes  are free and  Votes  are allocated based on your subscription packages. The voting window closes by 9pm on Thursday, September 30, 2021.