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Day 67: Cross dubs Angel the King of cruise – BBNaija

29 September 2021
The House has had a lot of cruise and people claiming to be cruisers, but none seems to have the hang of it like Angel.
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Angel and Cross have had quite a chemistry in the past few weeks and have also shared many intimate moments that have left people asking “would they, would they not?”  When Cross came into the House, he had flirted with Maria, Nini, Peace and Saskay but nothing much happened between him and Angel for much of the first half of the show. In fact whenever Cross’ name came up in relationship issues, it was mostly connected with Saskay. 

Angel also was associated with Sammie in the early stages of the game. Though she had tagged herself as free-spirited and not sexually attached to one man in the House, she was often mentioned alongside Sammie as said earlier, plus Kayvee, Yousef and Boma. Surpisingly enough, flirtations with Emmanuel have also been thrown into the mix. Cross, however, had never been in the picture.

How it started

 It seems the two started getting close when Cross probably decided he was not going to have anything to do with Saskay.

The interaction between the two within the past three weeks had some thinking a sort of relationship or situationship may brew between the two. However, that seems not to be the case. Even after sweet and passionate kisses and moments, the two are always clear about their inability to date each other.

They had such a moment last night when having discussions with Pere and Whitemoney in the garden. While having light banter, the two got talking about a potential relationship when Cross made it clear; he could never be in a relationship with Angel because she is a player. Angel protested this and then proceeded to ask who the bigger player was between the two of them. She then asked Whitemoney who agreed with Cross saying she is a player. He said Cross would however always welcome any woman who comes his way, but not outrightly toy with their emotions. 

Pere, who was also there, agreed with Whitemoney and said flat out that Angel was a player.

Angel insisted however that she will love Cross for the rest of her life.

Angel is a big girl and can definitely handle herself, but do you guys think this is cruising as usual, or does she really have deep feelings for Cross?

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