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Day 66: Angel spills the tea about the Secret Room – BBNaija

28 September 2021
Angel gives a tell-all on her Secret Room experience with Pere.

After seeking permission from Biggie to disclose what happened in the Secret Room – Angel dashed out ready to gist the Housemates on her whereabouts and how intense the Double Jeopardy Game was for her and Pere. 

Well, the Housemates were curious at first and wanted to know their whereabouts but Pere and Angel stonewalled them for a while refusing to talk about their experience. Perhaps like Emmanuel, they thought it was confidential and could not share the details of their heated battle in the game of trucks and screwdrivers. 

Immediately after her Diary Session, Angel was relieved to share the details of her experience, however, Pere in his Diary Session pointed out that he didn’t intend to disclose the details about the game or his whereabouts after the Sunday Live Show. It seems Angel might have cornered him to divulge this part of the conversation he wasn’t ready to revisit. However, as Angel spoke, Pere seemed to find some relief in knowing that their shared experience resonated with the Housemates as they commended them for working hard to return to the House. 

She expressed being uncomfortable because she couldn’t stand the whiteness of the room. She felt its brightness could have affected her mental health; however, she is glad that she made it out.  Whitemoney added that this is why any of the Housemates shouldn’t question why they are back because none of them would understand what they went through.  

As the conversation moved into the House, Pere and Angel expressed that after all that they’ve been through they are glad to be back. It’s all vibes but the energies are just about right in the House and as the Housemates are empathizing with them. 

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