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Day 53: Nini and Cross's fight gets personal – BBNaija

15 September 2021
Nini hurls insults to Cross attacking his intelligence and physique after he calls her stupid.
Nini and Cross fight

In the early hours of the morning, Whitemoney distributed the usual cleaning duties amongst the Housemates and they carried on about their day. However, Cross wanted to get an early wash but to his surprise he found Nini cleaning the bathroom before the Housemates showered. 

Cross, insisted that it was unreasonable to start cleaning the shared bathroom before people took their shower because it would get dirtier by the end of the day. Although he tried to raise this valid point his approach led to an unexpected blowout when Nini felt bullied and insulted after he called her stupid. Seems like the tension from her save and replace with the Veto Power is are finally surfacing between the two. 

Nini took to hurling insults and went as low as insulting his intelligence as well as his lack of reasoning capacity. Nini’s voice reverberated with anger around the House prompting Saga to swiftly come in to her rescue by creating a barrier between Nini and Cross. His intervention comes at the expense of his Secret Task. Too bad he’s not here for that Abeg Naira.  

On the other hand, we are of the mind that Nini’s implosion was long coming after she felt distanced from Saga hence, she was ready to just blow a gasket probably to let off that steam. Cross was confronted by Whitemoney about his approach and how he could have avoided the situation. Cross spent the morning in tears as he sat in the garden. Angel came to comfort and console him which left him smiling and jokingly teasing about how something got into his eyes and wasn't crying.

Cross later decided to be the bigger person and acknowledge his mistakes, he went and apologized to Nini. Whitemoney being the HoH tried to mediate on the matter between the two however, Nini says she doesn’t have it in her heart to forgive Cross regardless of his apology. It doesn’t seem she will be ready anytime soon to apologize for her part in this but whatever happens, we know the tension might persist. 

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