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Day 52: Grieving Housemates – BBNaija

14 September 2021
As much as they would like to move on after every Eviction, it's been pretty hard and the grief of losing their fellow BBNaija Housemates keeps tugging at their hearts.
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Losing someone close hurts a lot and dealing with their absence isn't easy. Almost every member of the Shine Ya Eye geng have lost a Housemate close to them to Eviction and each one has expressed grief in their own unique way. A few became withdrawn, while others wore a look and attitude reminiscent of someone in mourning.

Quite recently, Saskay lost a friend and possible romantic partner in Jaypaul, which shook her to her very core. Not even Nini and Saga’s skit could get her out of the funk watching Jaypaul leave got her in. She kept to herself, holding on to the flowers Jaypaul gave her probably in a bid to hold on to what they shared in the House or simply what was left of him in the House. Given the loss and her back-to-back Nominations, Saskay might be in a funk for a while. She is a strong and resilient lady and hopefully, she won't let this loss get the best of her.

Angel is also no stranger to losing loved ones. From actually losing her boyfriend and now, some of her favourite Housemates (to Eviction) in the House, Angel has had her fair share of grief. First, she lost Yerins whom she shared a lot with and who reminded her of herself, especially when it came to being stereotyped. In addition to losing him, she also lost Sammie, her first connection in the House, and then eventually JMK, whom she cherished as a sister. These losses have managed to get her in a mood but luckily for her, she keeps bouncing back. Hopefully, she keeps it together and rises above these losses.

Pere hasn’t been himself since Maria left and he admitted it to Ebuka when he was asked why he wasn’t his usual bubbly self. His demeanour seemed more reserved, and except for the altercation with Queen, he seemed to have steered away from his usual controversial side. His jovial character at the Jacuzzi parties on Fridays also suffered a blow too. He used to always be behind Maria dancing in the most provocative and sensual way, but these days, he just sits in the corner nursing a drink and chatting. In addition, he seemed a bit at ease in the company of Saga and Nini, but he soon became the crowd in their company. Also, in light of Ebuka revealing that Saga might have said something questionable about him to Nini, it seems Pere may have to withdraw from them as well. On the bright side, Pere did tell Ebuka that Maria’s loss notwithstanding, he was getting his groove back. His newfound bromance with Cross might be just what he needs to finally heal and move on from the loss of his fave.

Dealing with the loss of a Housemate has become recurrent grief in the House and it’s completely normal, but as more Housemates exit the House, it means the remaining Housemates are getting closer to the ultimate prize. Hopefully, they focus on this and also find comfort that in a few weeks, they will be reunited with their faves.

Angel, Cross, EmmanuelSaskay, and Yousef have been Nominated for Eviction this Sunday You can  VOTE  to Save your favourite Housemate via the Africa Magic website   HERE  and the  Africa Magic mobile site  by selecting contestants of your choice and entering your number of votes and click  VOTE. Voting via these platforms is limited to 100 votes per user. You can also download the  MyGOtv  and  MyDStv  Apps for additional  Votes.  Votes  are free and  Votes  are allocated based on your subscription packages. The voting window closes by 9pm on Thursday, September 16, 2021.